Wolves Wasteland
These wolves are celestial as they are Astral Wolves which are ghosts.

In these deserts people speak of the Astral Wolf: ghostly, hungry spirits of the desert. Though they are wanderers in the Astral Planes, some believe the evil desert beldam, a witch, who seeks to harm roving nomads and steal their belongings, can manifest the Astral Wolves to do its bidding. If loitering fear produced by gossip and local tales aren’t enough, the desert itself has been harsh to your travels; the swirling dust whips sands into your eyes, face, hair and ears. Sand finding a home in every cavity available on your body. Relentless, the walk has become exhausting: your feet sink several inches down with every step into this forsaken sandpit. Walking is difficult, but fully geared, trying to constantly keep your balance, is fatiguing. An echoing of the wind mimicking the sounds of wolves is heard – from all directions. Faint. Approaching? Again, you hear the faint sounds of “RwwwwwwoooooooRrr,” getting louder. The rocks and boulders ahead may give you some reprieve, else to make a defensive stand…or an escape.

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