D&D Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art.

You can feel the trees watching you. Twigs snap. A scent too enticing: the aroma of the smell so calming and sweet, it could bring males to their knees if they stood too close. A high pitch laughter echos throughout. An old lady walks out from the trees. She is hunched over with thorny hair, knotted teeth and a scaly skin for complexion, wearing a dingy, shredded, brown robe and a makeshift walking stick. She stares at you from the trees. The locals never dare to walk around in these parts; they’ve talked about this witch; her vindictive aptitude and desires drove her to madness – cursed to this site – she enjoys enticing males to ensnare and kill them. In a soft voice she says, “Come to me.”

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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