Unexpected Encounter
D&D Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art.

You hear something ahead of you in the forest. Weighted down by your fully loaded backpack, you’re curious to investigate the grunting sound. Past the trees and brushes up ahead, a deep dwarven voice is heard speaking, “Der! Piece of garbage!” Peering, you can see he’s trying to reset the wheel of his wagon his pony was dragging through the untamed forest, off the beaten path that ended days earlier. He drops the wheels and unsheathes his small sword while turning towards you! He is geared well, with his sword lightly glowing magically, he’s suited with Dwarven Armor. He may be portly, but very agile. He puts down his sword saying, “Looking to discover riches too, aye?” He doesn’t see how you could be a threat – you’re fully geared, loaded down, in the middle of nowhere – he can tell you’re no ordinary traveler, else you’d be on the main roads, but more like himself.

Do you offer to help him fix his wagon? An Offer

Ignore him and continue on your way? Feral Forest

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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