Things You Find in a Dungeon
A party of adventurers going down the stairs into a dungeon.

A dungeon is a group of rooms and corridors in which monsters and treasures can be found. And you will find them, as you play the role of a character in a fantasy world. There are many kinds of monsters, but dragons are the biggest and most dangerous — and have the most treasure.

You can sort through or type in keywords for the hundreds of items found in a dungeon, ruins, temple, etc.

Rusted mace
Rusted long sword
Wine bottle (full)
Dented bronze basin
Glass vial (full of a red liquid)
Ancient key (bone)
Arrow (bone)
Map of a nearby town
Wooden box
Rusted short sword
Rotten wood
Old rope
Dead snake
Copper ring
Mosquito trapped in amber
Bent tin fork
Goblin skull
Orc skeleton
Broken arrow
Dead goblin
Arrowhead (iron)
Dwarf skull
Broken long bow
Dwarf skeleton
Silver ring
One gold piece
Wooden box
Old blanket
Ornate beer stein
Adventurer's notebook
Broken short bow
Map of the dungeon
Butterfly carving (jade)
Dead orc
Elf skeleton
Gold ring
Bronze candlestick
Small leaf (glass)
Bloody rags
Old belt
Rusted needle
Halfling skeleton
Dead bat
Tiny scarab (gold)
Old candle
Quill dipped in blood
One copper piece
Faded painting
Goblin skeleton
Rusted chain
Dented tin cup
Voodoo doll (with pins)
Map of a bandit camp
Bent tin spoon
Old torch
Orc skull
Loaf of moldy bread
Glass vial (empty)
Wine bottle (half full)
Dead rat
Ceramic funeral urn (full of ashes)
Rusty nails
Small lizard statue (ivory)
Rusted iron ring
Decayed scroll
Dented bronze cup
Rusted dagger
Broken chair
Feather (gold)
Rotten wood
Wooden chest
Broken table
Small polished black stone
Broken wine bottle
Dog skeleton
Small polished red stone
Human skull
Ogre skull
Rusty hooks
Rusted battle axe
Decayed book
Metal chest
Old boot
Human skeleton
Ceramic funeral urn (empty)
Human skulls
Small dragon statue (jade)
Arrowhead (flint)
Glass vial (one drop of clear liquid)
Dagger (new)
Rusted shackles
Elf skull
Halfling skull
Broken clay pot
Small elephant statue (lapis lazuli)
Cat skeleton
One silver piece
Key (iron)
Oak leaf
Brooch (silver)
Goblin teeth
Orc teeth
Dagger (goblin make)
Tinder box
Dead raven
Burned body (gnome)
Brooch (gold)
Half a copper piece
Burned body (elf)
Small glass orb
Pewter bowl
Pewter cup
Lead balls
Orc fang
Shattered mirror
Blocks of wood
Eagle beak
Dead squirrel
Dead chicken
Rusted iron spikes
Tiger skull
Broken porcelain vase
Hymn book
Rusted iron spikes
Fireplace poker
Jar with a human eye floating in liquid
Blocks of wood
Leather strap
Severed goblin foot
Rusted iron spikes
Broken lantern
Decayed leather armor
Fossilized walrus tusk
Pile of large bones
Raven beak
Dead raccoon
Rusted iron spikes
Bear skull
Blocks of wood
Broken long sword
Button (silver)
Eagle talon
Goblin tooth
Goblin teeth
Human teeth
Half a silver piece
Goblin droppings
Severed orc hand
Button (copper)
Mouse droppings
Button (gold)
Dead butterfly
Silver nose ring
Sharpened iron spoon
Long sword (Orc made)
Stuffed lizard
Blocks of wood
Blocks of wood
Golden feather
Iron Shears
Broken porcelain bowl
Lead balls
Broken short sword
Goblin teeth
Blocks of wood
Lead balls
Wooden bowl
Rusted iron spikes
Rat droppings
Dead lizard
Dead beetle
Rusted iron spikes
Short sword (goblin made)
Orc teeth
Human tooth
Dead robin
Lion skull
Pile of small bones
Blocks of wood
Hawk feather
Human teeth
Raven feather
Blocks of wood
Small stone with "M" carved in it
Orc teeth
Bear claw
Orc droppings
Goblin teeth
Hawk talon
Half a gold piece
Burned body (human)
Dead mice
Orc teeth
Rusted topaz ring
Ivory earring
Large clay pot
Small woven basket
Copper pieces
Holy symbol
Soap (half bar)
Colored pebbles
Copper pieces
Silver pieces
Severed human finger
Copper pieces
Handkerchief with an "S" on it
Book sealed with a wax
Dagger with a bone hilt
Broken broom
Small wooden flute
Broken harp
Glass jar with an orc ear inside
Flask of oil
Silver pieces
Bear trap
Stuffed ox tail
Wooden staff
Silver pieces
Broken staff
Moth‐eaten jerkin
Colored pebbles
Colored pebbles
Signet ring of a missing noble
Ripped pouch
Cat of nine tails
Bone staff
Bent crowbar
Gold pieces
Tree branch
Stone basin
Broken hammer
Stuffed beaver tail
Gold pieces
Iron tongs
Small glass globe with a figurine inside
Colored pebbles
Rusted lock
Silver pieces
Silver pieces
Piece of coal
Stuffed cat
Gold pieces
Broken lyre
Broken shovel
Message in a bottle
Shattered hourglass
Old sack
Iron arm bracelet
Copper pieces
Flower in a small vase
Copper pieces
Broken viol
Colored pebbles
Small glass swan
Dog tooth
Wolf tooth
Silver pieces
Colored pebbles
Clay figurine of a warrior
Leather whip
Copper pieces
Severed dwarf finger
Small seashell
Pan flute
Gold pieces
Snake skin (')
Ivory staff
Cat tooth
Gold pieces
Moldy rations
Flask of holy water
Pouch (empty)
Gold pieces
Unfinished poem on vellum
"Gulwulf" scratched into the floor
Silver brooch with a leaf design
Small green glass bottle
Pile of dead flies
Copper button with a crown design
Piece of coral
Dead dog
Silver pieces
Ivory button with a whale design
Puddle of blood
Copper pieces
Silver fork
Crystal shard
Square gold coin with a torch design
Severed kobold head
Broken abacus
Bust of an ancient queen
Dead cat
Burnt dwarf body
Tiny glowing stone
Child's rag doll
Brass spoon
Moldy piece of cheese
Dead weasel
Elephant tusk
Glass slipper
Small stone statue of a dwarven warrior
Ball bearings
Burnt elf body
Severed human head
Dead goblin
Burnt halfling body
Ball bearings
Dead chicken
Wolf tooth
Gold pieces
Fragments of a hatched egg (small)
Severed orc toe
Fragments of a hatched egg (large)
Bloody goblin footprint
Pair of bone dice
Ripped and bloody jerkin
Piece of red glass
Tiny jade lion statue
Gold button with a lion design
Rusty horseshoe
Silver button with an anchor design
Gold pieces
Shattered onyx orb
Remains of a campfire
Silver key with a star on it
A bag of bones
Iron key with a skull design
Broken vase
Copper pieces
Large cat paw print
Gold necklace
Silver coin from ancient kingdom
Rotten water skin
Small piece of quartz
Silver spoon
Tiny silver dragon statue
Silver necklace
"Morling" scratched on the wall
Brass key with a dragon head design
Half burned love letter
"Fuller" written in blood on the floor
Gold pieces
Silver button with a "S" design
Gold key with a shield design
Copper coin from a legendary kingdom
Belt buckle
Leather pouch (empty)
Silver pieces
Dragon scale
Tin fork
Small clay figurine of an elven female
Map case (locked)
Cracked crystal orb
Burnt gnome body
Brass button
Melted gold piece
Bloody hand print (human)
Jawbone of a donkey
The History of Alchemy (book)
Pile of dead ants
Silver pieces
Copper pieces
Broken spear
Copper arm band with battle scene design
Small paintbrush
Broken chain link
Bloody bandages
Lute string

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