The Incantations of Iriolarthas

The Incantations of Iriolarthas is a weighty spellbook. Its black leather covers have dead, toothy worms glued to them, sheathed in glossy varnish. Set into this morbid display on the front cover is a gold rune that resembles a stylized eye with a pupil shaped like a candle flame—the sigil of Iriolarthas, a Netherese lich.

The book weighs 3 pounds, contains sixty pages of brittle yellow vellum. Written on these pages are the following wizard spells:

1st level: alarmdetect magicidentifymagic missileshieldTasha’s hideous laughterthunderwave

2nd level: arcane lockcontinual flameinvisibilityknocklevitateMelf’s acid arrowmirror image

3rd level: animate deadbestow curseclairvoyancecounterspelldispel magicfireballglyph of warding

4th level: arcane eyebanishmentblightdimension doorEvard’s black tentaclesphantasmal killer

5th level: Bigby’s handcloudkilldominate personplanar bindingscryingtelekinesis

6th level: create undeaddisintegrateglobe of invulnerabilitymove earthOtto’s irresistible dance

7th level: create magenfinger of deathprismatic sprayteleport

8th level: demiplanedominate monstermind blankpower word stun

9th level: blade of disasterpower word kill

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