Temple of Raiden Purification Fountain
The oriental temple of Raiden is well guarded by assassin.

Walking towards the temple on a long stretch of bricks called the Approach, you walk past the Purification Fountain on your left. Clouds are boiling overhead, rain begins to fall, thunder snaps. Lots of bright green leaves, vines and foliage runs parallel to your walk; their leaves bouncing to the raindrops falling. The temple yard is very silent, else the rain seems to drown out any ambient noise. Several Kensai warriors are kneeling at the Purification Fountain. A monk halts you with his hand up, quietly interrupting your trek through the Guardian of Lion-Dogs. He states, “Sacred day of prayers are ongoing. State your business tomorrow, for Raiden, God of thunder, awaits our offerings.” He pauses to see over his shoulder what you are staring at: Raiden’s priests are seen above, like assassins waiting for their orders.

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