Signs of Corruption
The demon prepared to attack you.

You look around with your warhammer laid out on your forearm, resting heavily, yet ready should you need it. The trees are scorched black, the grass and bushes are singed brown. Smoke, embers and soot are ghostly sweeping your feet. The stench of rotten eggs lingers. You know the portal to and from The Nine Hells is somewhere out there. Though it’s mid-day, the skies and clouds are crimson red, casting a strange, nightly hue of a soft scarlet red over the lands. Near the dead trees you look up! The monstrous, deep bellowing screams of the Vrocks rains down where you stand. Demons of The Abyss through The Nine Hells? What is this madness!? An Alliance? The Vrock is a demon that knowns no mercy or compassion, but only destruction, that exist only to inflict pain and misery. This giant humanoid vulture shrieks with ear piecing cries. This filth has no purpose here outside its plane of existence but to extend its lust for destruction to other planes. Though you’ve readied your swing to send this beast back to Hell, understanding their intentions coming through The Nine Hells to the Prime Material Plane might be helpful if you can subdue one… .

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