Shrine Trap Offering Bowl
Traps are hidden and dangerous so be careful when you steal from a shrine.

On a small, decorative table, an offering bowl sits. Though the bowl is made of a simple clay, it does house a handful of gold pieces. An opportunity most can’t resist. You decide to visually inspect closely. There doesn’t seem to be anything amidst, so you remove the bowl with an accompanied smile. A quick, blue flash hits your eyes. You drop the bowl, creating a thunderous clap on the floor as the bowl and gold coins hit the ground. You feel disoriented. Something feels different. Did you just age 20 years?

This trap ages you, 1d20 years. The save throw difficulty to resist this change should be at least a 10 or great against a 1d20 roll. You can detect the magic beforehand (not the trap) and can dispel the magic – the trap.

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