Shrine To Find Off Beaten Roads
D&D Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art.

You’ve backpacked for days in the forest, off the beaten roads, to find a stream that could lead you to a shrine rumored to be made of gold, that is well-guarded, trapped and cursed… . Walking on the stream bank there is a rock formation about three feet high, in a pyramid formation. There is a mix party of six surrounding it. From a female gnome mage to a male human fighter, they are reading what is written. As you approach, they start to laugh, and laugh. “What’s so funny you inquire.” The fighter laughing asks, “Let me guess, a map led you here too?” Dumbfounded, you read what is on the rock formation, etched on a wooden board: “Thank you for purchasing Tiamat’s Fun Oddities and Trinkets map Shrine of Elvenkind. Geocaching, a game for the whole family.” The gnome mage reaches deep inside the stones, “Ah, as I suspected, they left something.” And pulls out the exact same map that they have, that you have – you all laugh – and someone suggest, “Let’s gather all of these maps together and leave it in there as a souvenir for the next poor bastards.” And the laughter continues… .

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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