Rock Shelter
D&D Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art.

Quickly, you escape into a cave that’s made from natural erosion. You can nearly touch the rock ceiling and it goes in about fifteen feet; deep enough to shelter. Using the natural light coming in from the entrance you look around. You see a backpack torn apart, that looks burnt, with blood stains all over the floor and rock walls. You look up and see a subtle light – a glowing creature the size of your fist…is it looking at you? Closer to inspect, but not too close, you recognize this creature. An Acid Ant! An ant believed to be originally created by a wizard’s experiment, that are swirling with arcane energy, and a bite that is acidic. But these are not solitary – where there is one, there is a whole colony nearby. And where there’s a colony, there is a Queen Ant, rumored to be the size of a pony.

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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