Morning Furies Attacks the King
When the Furies fly it is to seek justice and revenge.

This bright, spring morning, overlooking the kingdom you helped preserved in battle just days earlier, from the balcony you look out, off to the horizon. Winged creatures? The Furies! Have these lesser gods of justice come to bring terror or execute punishment? These angry beasts for gods, Alecto, Tisiphone and Megarea – anger, avenger and jealousy – have come to punish the king for his insolent attack on their priests days earlier – the siege you helped win. In The Furies eyes, this is of the foulest deeds. There are no prayers or bartering with these crooked winged monsters and their whips – and no banishment exists that would force them out of the Prime Material Plane. Fortunately, this is not your fight today: they can draw from any spell, from any school magic, from any sphere of magic, and if one is killed the others attack until that attacker is dead. Yet, even if you were to kill all of them, in less than 10 days’ time they would regenerate and hunt you down, personally, until their vengeance is exacted. And there would be no place to hide in the multiverse, unless you were shielded, protected, hidden by the powers of another deity. You turn around from your balcony and consider readying for the next city. For now, let the gods cast their punishment, knowing all those who may try to protect the king will surely die. The screaming horrors echo behind you… .

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