Map of Something in the Forest
D&D Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art.

Standing next to a dwarf, Bardora, who you have encountered in the forest and helped fixed his wagon wheel, reaches into his cart for a small chest. Maybe to give you a gift as a token of appreciation? The little chest squeaks open and Bardora pulls out a map, unfolding it saying, “Here is where you are, and here is where I’m going,” pointing about a day’s more travel by foot. “In this wretched forest, on this stream,” pointing on the map, “This is where the rumored Shrine of Elvenkind rests.” He looks up at you with a broad smile through his thick beard. “I’m not certain what type of fighter you are should there be troubles, but I tell you, that shrine is made of gold and that is worth a fight, no?” He squints his eyes at your apprehension, “Don’t worry so much, long as I have my Sword of Sharpness,” grinning as he pats the pommel hilt of his short sword.

Inquire about Shrine of Elvenkind? Elvenkind Shrine

Accept his offer? The Stream

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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