Home Guard
D&D Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art.

You cautiously make your way down the corridor. The night is quiet. The Drow high priestess is gone this evening, but you’re uncertain when she’ll return. No matter, you just need to get to her temple lab and retrieve the Black Crystal Tablet: a tablet that can cast Gate, a portal, else could send you into madness. The tablet is exquisite in presentation, but very dangerous to the possessor, but it will be yours soon…just keep following your gut where you think this lab would exist in the priestess temple, a place she calls her home. You see magical markings on the wall, near a solid, wood door entry – this must be it. A gentle footstep is heard behind you. Quick to investigate, there standing over thirty feet away, the size of an ogre, nine feet tall, with four human arms, glowing red eyes, with purple-black skin, yellow-white long hair, and the snout of a dog – is a demon – Draegloth. This unholy servant to the priestess is loyal to protecting her home. It’s teeth and claws are sharp, just for enforcing house rules – death to the uninvited. It growls. It charges!

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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