Hades Plane Shift Magic Spell
Hades is every shade of red you could imagine all around.

In the tall grass, your companion lies dead. She was a faithful human cleric to Hades. And you all know what you must do. Kneeling next to her lifeless body you begin to chant, waving a forked, metal rod attuned to the Outer Planes: with a touch of your hand to her forehead, while your companions brace your shoulders, in a blink of an eye – you all find yourselves in the land of the dead. If Hades didn’t come to her aide now, then you shall bring her body to Hades. Looking around the Lower Planes is as you remembered – dark hues of red, eerie and solemn – you are in the Glooms of Hades where colors are muted, no stars, no seasons that come or go, where waiting with no end is indefinite. But this is the upper level, maybe Oinos, knowing you have at least another level to go down and find the Gate to Underworld, where there you may call out to and confront Hades – demand that he honors his pact with his devotee – your friend.

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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