Goblin Mess in Dark Forest
D&D Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art.

Three goblins are hacked and pierced, lying dead near the stream in this dark forest, bleeding out brown blood. Your dwarven companion, Bardora, has created a gruesome sight; it isn’t pretty, but maybe necessary, else that could be you lying next to that dismembered arm, leg, or worse. This dwarf is a skilled fighter who is very talented wielder of the sword, but a bit eccentric…maybe traveling alone does it to you. Nonetheless, it’s best to cut up the elk the Goblins took down, for you and Bardora, and make a campsite up the stream, away from the dead Goblins; they’ll be attracting hungry dark forest creatures in a few hours…at least it’ll pacify hungry beasts from coming around, snooping for a meal while you sleep, at your campsite.

Is this dwarf a troublemaker? Go solo to avoid troubles? Going it Alone

Make camp, eat dinner, away from these dead goblins? Camp Away

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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