Fear Nothing
You have nothing to fear of dragons if you cast Invincibility spell.

The Black Dragon circles in the clear skies just several hundred feet above observing you, seeing you as nothing more than a thief who has come to take from its home – a kingdom that once stood in prosperity now lays in ruin. And the dragon will have none it. The dragon charges you in full flight with full might – preparing to unleash its fury with its acid breath weapon. Buying yourself some time, either to negotiate or escape, you gesture with urgency while gripping a small piece of adamantine metal in your fist and speak words few to none have heard before. A clear, glossy, magical fortress of a shield surrounds you – you’ve cast Invulnerability – a spell the dragon has never seen before but has just witnessed its acid disappearing as it made contact with your magical shielding. Either this will discourage the dragon, anger the dragon, or peak the dragon’s curiosity. You only have several minutes to consider and execute your next move, before your protection spell wanes.

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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