Escaping The Hunt
Hell Hounds hunt in packs and breath fire.

Breathing heavy, ducking low, hiding behind a stone wall, the night masks your attempt to flee, but the screeching howls from hell are echoing – Hell Hounds have been unleashed to track you. These reddish-brown monsters may have attributes of a dog and the body of a pony, but they’re highly intelligent, smart and cunning. Their howling is intentional tonight – to invoke fear – encouraging you to run out of hiding. If they find you, and they will, with their high sense of smell and hearing, soon enough, you’ll be roasted by their scorching fiery breath if their gashing bites don’t force you to submit. As you crouch, contemplating your options with your blade at the ready, you hear a soft voice from above, on the roof top, “Psst.”

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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