Warhorse or Riding Horse?
The cost of a warhorse is 5 times greater than the riding horse.

You wander a bit, observing by sight, the many riding horses available for purchase. There must be a hundreds here on this range, just outside the city. They come in a variety of colors: black, white, bay, which is reddish-brown, chestnut brown, and more exotic ones are dappled (spotted) grey, pinto patterns that can make them look like zebras, and even more rare horses like the pink cream perlino, buckskin pinto, silver, leopard – so many wonderful colors roaming, relaxing, feeding, playing, but more importantly, he has several, very large, warhorses for the needy and wealthy.

You know a riding horse is expensive, but a warhorse, they cost at least five times as much (400+ gp vs 70 gp). Riding horses are fast, but carry little gear, are of no help in combat, and are not trained to wear barding – horse armor. While the warhorse is larger, tougher, and dependable in wilderness encounters – a warhorse could fight. And if left alone, the warhorse can defend itself if left alone without guidance, should you leave it outside a dungeon, ruins, temple, or tavern. Warhorses will create an inseparable bond with its handler, unlike a riding horse that only sees you as a “safe haven”.

The old man, the hostler, caretaker and groom of these horses, see you are quite pleased, and doesn’t interject, he knows you are more than wanting and willing to purchase something, so he lets you take all the time you need and willing to answer any questions you have.

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