The Underworld Dungeon Dog
There is no escape from Hades that is the Underworld Dungeon.

Cerberus is cautiously approaching; its muscles defined, its mouths foaming with anticipation. Three dog heads sniff, search and stare at you, all at once. His front legs are sprawled out preparing to fulfill his duties; he is warning the living, you, do not consider entering. Though a beast of a dog, he’s highly intelligent, and no tricks or magic will get him to leave his post, his duties, not allowing the dead to exit or the living to enter – all stay in – behind the gates of Hades. Though you’ve heard a tasty bribe could allow him to reconsider your entrance, he won’t permit you to leave later no matter what you offer. Any who enter won’t be allowed to leave these gloomy lands with its darken skies, where there is no joy, hope or peace; he will ensure you stay forever in The Underworld Dungeon.

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