The Queens of The Succubi

Most succubi dwell in the infernal caverns of the Nine Hells, but some make their homes in a magnificent pseudo-paradise amid the chaos of the Abyss, where they risk being transformed into incubus demons or worse. Even though all succubi share similar beliefs, goals, and methods of corrupting mortals, their allegiances typically lie with one of two polarizing figures—the so-called queens of the succubi.

The first and greatest of the angels of love to be seduced by Asmodeus were called Lilith and Malcanthet. For time out of mind these angels had done the bidding of the gods, inciting passion between mortals and comforting the lovelorn. But in the presence of Asmodeus, each angel saw a higher path—one in which compassion and virtue might have the greatest influence over the world: the just ruler of all creation would require a consort, after all—a resplendent queen to enhance Asmodeus’s power and grace. Lilith and Malcanthet each saw this role as her destiny.

Asmodeus had no intention of sharing his authority, but, rather than deny the fallen angels’ request and risk their enmity, he capitalized on the opportunity the situation presented him. In separate conference with each one, he praised Lilith and Malcanthet for their love and loyalty, promising each that she would gain his favor if she could outdo the deeds of her rival for his affection. By playing them against each other, Asmodeus created two loyal servants, both of which accomplished exceptional feats in the course of their rivalry.

Lilith and the Nine Hells: Before her diabolic transformation, Lilith had been the eldest of the angels of love, the first of their kind spawned by the cosmos at the beginning of creation.

Torn clothing succubus in the Nine Hells, standing waiting to seduce her next victim.

She was made to be a companion to gods and mortals, but as the first angel of love, Lilith was yet imperfect in her angelic nature, and secretly she longed for equality with the ones she was made to serve. Asmodeus nurtured the seed of this desire and used it to sway Lilith and all the angels that followed her. Thus it was no coincidence that Lilith intimately understood the all-encompassing powers of temptation and forbidden desire. As a devil she used these weapons with finesse, swiftly manipulating her way through the ranks of devils to take up a place at the right hand of Moloch, lord of Malbolge, the Sixth Hell. When Moloch was dethroned and exiled for rebellion against Asmodeus, Lilith easily avoided a similar fate and slipped into the same position as consort to Baalzebul, lord of Maladomini, the Seventh Hell.

In the Nine Hells, the largest populations of succubi dwell in Dis, Stygia, and Malbolge. These succubi look to Lilith as their mother and queen, the one who delivered them from the bondage of the gods. Both Lilith’s followers and her foes have dubbed her “Queen of the Night,” a sobriquet she appreciates but does not completely embrace. She still burns with her ancient desire to achieve true equality with the one she serves. Dwelling only two hells from Asmodeus’s realm in Nessus, Lilith yet means to see herself ascend to the role of queen in more than name.

Malcanthet and the Abyss: As Lilith wove her way through the twisted politics of the Nine Hells, Malcanthet took another path to power.

Succubi Malcanthet of the Abyss with chains on wings.

When Asmodeus made good on his promise to conquer the Abyss, Malcanthet was among the first to volunteer in the conflict that would become the Blood War. She saw the unrest as her chance to please the archdevil, expand her influence, and remove Lilith from Asmodeus’s esteem.

Malcanthet led her devils into the Abyss and quickly conquered the layer called Shendilavri. She called upon the morphic nature of the Abyss and fashioned her realm into a stunning paradise the like of which Asmodeus and all his legions had sought in their rebellion against the gods. There she declared herself the true Queen of Succubi—a title that yet endures, much to Lilith’s chagrin.

The longer Malcanthet remained in the Abyss, the more the evil seed at its heart corrupted her, transforming her at last into a genuine demon lord. Though Malcanthet and her realm of Shendilavri are fair and lovely to behold, such beauty is only skin deep, and demonic corruption thrives beneath the surface. From her vantage point so close to the seed of evil, Malcanthet understands what Asmodeus truly desires at the center of the Abyss. Like her abyssal rival Graz’zt, Malcanthet still pays homage to Asmodeus, though secretly she means to have the heart of the Abyss for herself.

Graz'zt demon lord with sword.

Malcanthet forges alliances with demon lords such as Demogorgon and Pazuzu to further her ends, and unlike other devils that cannot bear young, the fecund nature of the Abyss has enabled Malcanthet to spawn her own brood of twisted abominations with these demon lords.

Of all the demon lords, Malcanthet hates Graz’zt the most. A former devil like herself, Graz’zt is Malcanthet’s principal competitor for Asmodeus’s esteem in the Abyss. She despises him for a multitude of slights, including Graz’zt’s claim over a harem of her succubi and his success in conquering not one abyssal layer, but the three that comprise his triple realm of Azzagrat.

Abyssal succubi revere Malcanthet as their true queen, and they inhabit her twisted paradise of Shendilavri on the 570th layer of the Abyss. Some of those that become corrupted into incubus demons turn to Graz’zt, though most remain in Shendilavri with their queen.

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