The Mortal Games
D&D Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art.

Looking down into the valley that leads to the desert, a large caravan with hundreds of horses and carts kickup a torrent of dust; they are just one of many caravans from many cities, capitals and kingdoms destined to The Mortal Games.

You’ve heard about these rare games that are celebrated every five years, and the great rewards for those that fight in the coliseum against other Combatants, Gladiators and beasts.

The coliseum is known at Awon Olorun Ampitheater and it houses The Field of Champions where sporting and deadly combat are fought. The Mortal Games allows all empires to bring their best athletes and worst criminals, though merchants, counselors and ambassadors always used the time to wielding words and not swords, which is the idea behind The Mortal Games.

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