Heart of a God – Artifact
D&D Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art.

Late in the evening, sitting, the inn’s tavern is quiet. You couldn’t help but eavesdrop, accidentally or otherwise, over a conversation between a young boy and a very old man. “What is it,” the young boy asked as he observed the senior mage handing out a necklace that was roped in both of his elderly hands, as if paying homage. The young boy examined it and chuckled, “Very kind of you, but what would I need with a rock?” The mage, Archmaster, patiently understood the boy’s ignorance and spoke with a low, sincere voice, as if whispering, “That is the heart of your god, The Hartvansteen.”

You’ve read about this relic, “I rest, for the battles have hardened my heart, and exhausted me,” from the scripts telling of The Celestial Battles, and whomever should possess this artifact into battle would have the company of this god to ensure all enemies are defeated.

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