Praying Intervention
You god or its angels can come to your aid if you pray.

You can barely see. Your sight is covered in blood. You fought valiantly, but now, after showing so much courage and determination, you are knocking on deaths door. Lying, face down, you grab a fistful of anything near your chin, trying to clench to life, else another opportunity to get up, defend – attack – but to no avail. That which you fought slowly approaches, readying to take the last breath you have, out of you. You whisper, chant, pray to your God that they may give you strength, venge you, or come to aide you in your time of most need. You can barely speak, but your God knows your intent – the sounds of trumpets and thunder blisters the sky as the clouds part open and a brilliant, blinding light comes forth. Is this death? Your God? A servant? A deva?

When characters are near death, there is a 1% chance (1d100) their god will come to their aid, personally. If not, there is a 5% (1d100, or 1d20) that they will send an angle, guardian, or a servant to assist the dying, who is pleading for their intervention.

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