Magical Item Value in Dungeons and Dragons: magical item cost
Finding a magic orb inside a treasure chest with her cat.

Here, you will find a reference listing of D&D magical items value. The gold piece value for each item does not necessarily mean that magic items should be bought and sold like any other commodity. The thirst for treasure is what drives characters to explore the world and face unknown dangers; if enchanted treasures can simply be bought, one of the character’s most powerful motivations to be heroic can be compromised. Moreover, it is not easy to sell magic commercially everywhere, but that is up to the dungeon master to decide.

An enchanted item’s nature and powers usually cannot be determined exactly, and some magical items are dangerous-even deadly. Also, magic items have a very powerful attraction for thieves – why brave the wilderness or the soggy depths of a monster-infested labyrinth when you can burglarize the local magic shop? Therefore, it’s suggested that characters seldom get more than half the listed price when selling a magical item for cash or trading it for another item.

The characters probably should get almost the full value, 60% to 85%, when trading it for services such as non-playing character’s spell casting. On the other hand, characters should expect to pay more than the listed price when trying to by items with coins and other treasures. A character who owns a priceless item is in the same position as an art collector who owns an old masterpiece – the item is fabulously valuable, but nobody can afford to pay the true price. The buying and selling of such items should be role-played out, with the seller doing his best to get whatever price the market will bear. The forgoing might seem unfair, but it helps maintain play balance and assure the merchant a profit large enough to justify the risks.

Though there are over a one-thousand six-hundred items listed on this page, not all items and magic items are listed, but this should give any dungeon master a baseline to work with, should they include it in their D&D universe. And prices are not fixed, they can fluctuate from region to region, city to city, desire versus need. And some items the dungeon master will have to investigate, else makeup it’s magical properties to fit their D&D world.

Purchasing Magical Items?

Magical ItemValue in Gold Pieces
Amulet, Amiability3,500
Amulet, Beast, Ivory5,000
Amulet, Beast, Silver5,000
Amulet, Cairn Hills18,000
Amulet, Cartographer21,000
Amulet, Charm Immunity15,000
Amulet, Charm Resistance  + 38,000
Amulet, Charm Resistance10,000
Amulet, Charming12,500
Amulet, Cheetah, of the4,000
Amulet, Communication5,000
Amulet, Control, Caterpillar250
Edged Weapon
Amulet, Dramatic Death, Lightning/Electrical
Amulet, Dramatic Death, Magical Fire1,500
Amulet, Dramatic Death, Petrification1,500
Amulet, Efreeti45,000
Amulet, Emotions5,000
Amulet, Extension15,000
Amulet, Far Reaching5,000
Amulet, Furyondy7,000
Amulet, Greenstone30,000
Amulet, Hardwater1,500
Amulet, Health10,000
Amulet, Health, Cursed1,000
Amulet, Hero, of the7,500
Amulet, Hunting3,000
Amulet, Inescapable Location1,000
Amulet, Land, of the7,500
Amulet, Leadership25,000
Amulet, Life, Draskilion’s50,000
Amulet, Magic Resistance 05%17,000
Amulet, Magic Resistance 10%20,000
Amulet, Magic Resistance 15%23,000
Amulet, Magic Resistance 20%26,000
Amulet, Magic Resistance 25%29,000
Amulet, Magic Resistance 30%32,000
Amulet, Metaspell Influence15,000
Ability Check +15,000
Amulet, Orcish, Armor Class +15,000
Amulet, Orcish, Combat +15,000
Amulet, Orcish, Damage +15,000
Amulet, Orcish, Saves +15,000
Amulet, Parasites6,000
Amulet, Perpetual Youth20,000
Amulet, Planes, of the30,000
Amulet, Power60,000
Amulet, Proof against Detection & Location15,000
Amulet, Protection +110,000
Amulet, Protection +215,000
Amulet, Protection +320,000
Amulet, Protection +425,000
Amulet, Protection +530,000
Amulet, Protection, Alignment Change30,000
Amulet, Protection, Crystal Ball and ESP15,000
Amulet, Protection, Good3,000
Amulet, Protection, Life20,000
Amulet, Protection, Sharks3,000
Amulet, Protection, Sleep4,000
Amulet, Psionic Reflection15,000
Amulet, Shield7,500
Amulet, Sleeplessness1,000
Amulet, Spinecaetle4,500
Amulet, Thet of Ptah8,000
Amulet, Timekeeping500
Amulet, Undead, 4th Level4,000
Amulet, Undead, 5th Level5,000
Amulet, Undead, 6th Level6,000
Amulet, Undead, 7th Level7,000
Amulet, Undead, 8th Level8,000
Amulet, Undead, 9th Level9,000
Amulet, Undersea Friendship4,000
Ankh, Life75,000
Ankh, Nithian, Ixion2,000
Ankh, Nithian, Kagyar3,000
Ankh, Nithian, Pflarr2,500
Ankh, Nithian, Rathanos2,000
Ankh, Nithian, Valerias2,000
Ankh, Power60,000
Ankh, Protection + 110,000
Ankh, Protection + 215,000
Ankh, Protection + 320,000
Ankh, Protection +425,000
Ankh, Truth60,000
Anklet, Growth1,200
Anklet, Hobbling6,000
Anklet, Levitation17,000
Anklet, Protection +110,000
Anklet, Protection +220,000
Anklet, Protection +430,000
Anklet, Protection +440,000
Anklet, Protection +550,000
Anklet, Sinking600
Anklet, Walking6,000
Anchor, Aerial22,500
Anchor, Fishing5,000
Anchor, Man22,500
Anchor, Seafaring15,000
Anchor, Staying, Cursed2,000
Anchor, Staying, Greater5,000
Anchor, Staying, Lesser3,000
Anchor, Weight8,000
Anvil, Dwarves, High50,000
Anvil, Lortmil Mountains30,000
Anvil, Sympathetic Heat30,000
Apron, Comfort3,000
Apron, Cooking +1500
Apron, Cooking +21,000
Apron, Heat Immunity3,000
Apron, Protection +110,000
Apron, Protection +220,000
Apron, Protection +330,000
Apron, Protection +440,000
Apron, Protection +550,000
Apron, Rejuvenation1,000
Armband, Death1,200
Armband, Healing9,000
Armband, Music7,000
Armband, Protection +110,000
Armband, Salutation1,500
Armband, Snake-Changi2,500
Armband, Strength8,000
Armband, Variable Strength750
Armchair, Relaxing25,000
Armchair, Retneval30,000
Armchair, Seemg10,000
Armchair, Travel30,000
Armchair, Ugliness3,500
Armor, Absorption25,000
Armor, Acidic Secretion2,000
Armor, Anything45,000
Armor, Arcane AC 320,000
Armor, Banded +14,000
Armor, Banded +28,500
Armor, Banded +314,500
Armor, Banded +419,000
Armor, Banded +525,000
Armor, Blackflame200,000
Armor, Blending4,000
Armor, Bronze +14,000
Armor, Bronze +28,500
Armor, Bronze +314,500
Armor, Bronze +419,000
Armor, Bronze +525,000
Armor, Buoyancy6,000
Armor, Cham +13,500
Armor, Cham +27,500
Armor, Cham +312,500
Armor, Cham +430,000
Armor, Cham +545,000
Armor, Cham, Drow +17,500
Armor, Cham, Drow +212,500
Armor, Cham, Drow +320,000
Armor, Cham, Drow +430,000
Armor, Cham, Drow +530,000
Armor, Cham, Elfin +17,500
Armor, Cham, Elfin +212,500
Armor, Cham, Elfin +320,000
Armor, Cham, Elfin +430,000
Armor, Cham, Elfin +550,000
Armor, Charm7,500
Armor, Command10,000
Armor, Concealed Wizardry1,500
Armor, Communal Cleanliness +212,000
Armor, Cure Wounds40,000
Armor, Desert Evening2,500
Armor, Dragon +215,000
Armor, Dragon, Black7,500
Armor, Dragon, Blue7,500
Armor, Dragon, Green7,500
Armor, Dragon, Red7,500
Armor, Dragon, White7,500
Armor, Dragonarmor7,500
Armor, Dwarven Plate +15,000
Armor, Dwarven Plate +210,500
Armor, Dwarven Plate +315,500
Armor, Dwarven Plate +420,500
Armor, Dwarven Plate +527,500
Armor, Electricity15,000
Armor, Energy Dram15,000
Armor, Etherealness30,000
Armor, Fear40,000
Armor, Field +115,000
Armor, Field +230,000
Armor, Field +350,000
Armor, Field +480,000
Armor, Field +5120,000
Armor, Fly7,500
Armor, Full +130,000
Armor, Full +250,000
Armor, Full +380,000
Armor, Full +4120,000
Armor, Full +5160,000
Armor, Full, Keohsh, of the +17,500
Armor, Gaseous Form15,000
Armor, Haste10,000
Armor, Healing +140,000
Armor, Healing +280,000
Armor, Invisibihty7,500
Armor, Ironman20,000
Armor, Laeral’s Storm + 213,500
Armor, Leather +12,000
Armor, Leather +27,500
Armor, Leather +312,500
Armor, Leather +415,000
Armor, Leather +517,500
Armor, Leather, Studded +12,500
Armor, Leather, Studded +26,500
Armor, Leather, Studded +38,500
Armor, Leather, Studded +410,500
Armor, Leather, Studded +512,500
Armor, Missile Attract10n -11,500
Armor, Missile Attraction -23,000
Armor, Missile Attraction -34,500
Armor, Missile Attraction -46,000
Armor, Padded +13,000
Armor, Padded +26,000
Armor, Padded +39,000
Armor, Padded +412,000
Armor, Paddded  +515,000
Armor, Plate +15,000
Armor, Plate + 210,500
Armor, Plate + 315,500
Armor, Plate + 420,500
Armor, Plate + 527,500
Armor, Possession5,000
Armor, Presence5,000
Armor, Quality6,000
Armor, Rage1,500
Armor, Rainbow + 312,500
Armor, Reflection5,000
Armor, Remove Curse7,500
Armor, Ring + 12,500
Armor, Ring  + 26,000
Armor, Ring + 313,000
Armor, Ring  + 418,000
Armor, Ring + 525,000
Armor, Scale + 13,000
Armor, Scale + 26,750
Armor, Scale + 312,500
Armor, Scale +415,500
Armor, Scale + 517,500
Armor, Scale, Horus, Relic -/+ unknown25,000
Armor, Scale, White, Griff Mountains  +313,500
Armor, Shiva’s +4unknown
Armor, Solamnus10,000
Armor, Splint +14,000
Armor, Splint +28,500
Armor, Splint +314,500
Armor, Splint +419,000
Armor, Splint +525,000
Armor, Storm, Laeral’s5,000
Armor, Swimming3,500
Armor, Transparent, AC 2230,000
Armor, Transparent, AC 2125,000
Armor, Transparent, AC 2020,000
Armor, Transparent, AC 1916,000
Armor, Transparent, AC 1813,000
Armor, Undead15,000
Armor, Vulnerability -11,500
Armor, Vulnerability -23,000
Armor, Vulnerability -34,500
Arrow +1120
Arrow +2300
Arrow  + 3450
Arrow  + 4600
Arrow +5900
Arrow, Abaris2,000
Arrow, Acid + 175
Arrow, Acid + 2150
Arrow, Acid + 3225
Arrow, Acid  + 4300
Arrow, Acid + 5370
Arrow, Aggravation + 150
Arrow, Aggravation + 2100
Arrow, Aggravation  + 3150
Arrow, Aggravation  + 4200
Arrow, Aggravation  +5250
Arrow, Anti-magic + 1180
Arrow, Anti-magic  + 2360
Arrow, Anti-magic + 3540
Arrow, Anti-magic  + 4720
Arrow, Anti-magic + 5900
Arrow, Biting500
Arrow, Biting +1500
Arrow, Biting  +21,000
Arrow, Biting + 31,500
Arrow, Black ofluz, + 27,500
Arrow, Blinding120
Arrow, Blinking600
Arrow, Bow-Breaking100
Arrow, Burning600
Arrow, Charming2,000
Arrow, Clairaudience120
Arrow, Clairvoyance120
Arrow, Climbing500
Arrow, Curing400
Arrow, Direction17,500
Arrow, Disarming700
Arrow, Disintegration + 1360
Arrow, Dispelling400
Arrow, Distance + 1150
Arrow, Distance + 2300
Arrow, Distance + 3600
Arrow, Explosions500
Arrow, Faerie Fire120
Arrow, Fire240
Arrow, Flaming + 150
Arrow, Flaming + 260
Arrow, Flaming +3120
Arrow, Flaming + 4300
Arrow, Flaming + 5420
Arrow, Flying750
Armor, Vulnerability -23,000
Armor, Vulnerability -34,500
Armor Merchant, Honest Obie’s All Night15,000
Arrow, Screaming120
Arrowhead, Accuracy + 190
Arrowhead, Accuracy  + 2180
Arrowhead, Accuracy  + 3270
Arrowhead, Accuracy +4360
Arrowhead, Accuracy + 5450
Arrowhead, Blinding800
Arrowhead, Blinding + 11,000
Arrowhead, Flame Strike2,000
Arrowhead, Lightning1,200
Arrowhead, Long Distance150
Arrowhead, Marking50
Arrowhead, Obsidian + 1120
Arrowhead, Obsidian  + 2300
Arrow, Seeking500
Arrow, Set + 11,500
Arrow, Signaling120
Arrow, Silence120
Arrow, Sinking400
Arrow, Slaying, Avian + 3             2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Bard + 3                      2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Cleric/Priest  + 3           2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Dragon + 3                    2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Druid + 3                      2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Elemental +3             2,500
Arrow, Slaying,unknown
Arrow, Fighter/Warrior + 3                             2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Giant + 3                      2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Golem + 3                     2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Illusionist  + 3               2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Lycanthrope  + 3           2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Mage + 3                      2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Mammal + 3                 2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Paladin + 3                   2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Ranger  + 3                    2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Reptile  + 3                    2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Sea Monster  + 3           2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Thief  + 3                          2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Titan + 3                       2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Troll  + 3                           2,500
Arrow, Slaying, Undead  +3                   2,500
Arrow, Snake + 1                                   100
Arrow, Snake + 2                                     200
Arrow, Snake + 3                                    300
Arrow, Speaking                                        150
Arrow, Stirge’s Bite +5                        780
Arrow, Stunning                                      750
Arrow, Teleporting                                     800
Arrow, Transporting                                800
Arrow, Wounding                                       2,500
Arrowhead, Obsidian + 3450
Arrowhead, Obsidian + 4600
Arrowhead, Obsidian + 5900
Arrowhead, Seeking + 1250
Arrowhead, Seeking + 2500
Arrowhead, Seeking + 31,000
Arrowhead, Seeking + 41,500
Arrowhead, Seeking + 52,500
Arrowhead, Stunning800
Arrowhead, Stunning + 11,000
Arrowhead, Stunning + 21,200
Arrowhead,  Vapors800
Axe -1900
Axe +11,750
Axe + 23,750
Axe +37,000
Axe + 412,000
Axe +520,000
Axe, Battle + 12,500
Axe, Battle  + 25,000
Axe, Battle + 310,000
Axe, Battle + 420,000
Axe, Battle + 540,000
Axe, Breathing3,000
Axe, Brotherhood + 14,000
Arrowhead, Seeking + 41,500
Arrowhead, Seeking + 52,500
Arrowhead, Stunning800
Arrowhead, Stunning + 11,000
Arrowhead, Stunning + 21,200
Arrowhead,  Vapors800
Axe, Battle + 12,500
Axe, Battle  + 25,000
Axe, Battle + 310,000
Axe, Battle + 420,000
Axe, Battle + 540,000
Axe, Breathing3,000
Axe, Brotherhood + 14,000
Axe, Brotherhood  + 25,000
Axe, Brotherhood6,000
Axe, Brotherhood7,000
Axe, Brotherhood8,000
Axe, Charming4,000
Axe, Cutting + 14,000
Axe, Cutting  + 26,000
Axe, Cutting + 38,000
Axe, Cutting + 49,000
Axe, Cutting  + 510,000
Axe, Deceiving1,000
Axe, Defending4,000
Axe, Deflecting4,000
Axe, Draining5,000
Axe, Dwarven Lords, Relic55,000
Axe, Emperors20,000
Axe, Extinguishing4,000
Axe, Finding10,000
Axe, Flaming + 16,000
Axe, Flaming  + 212,000
Axe, Flaming + 318,000
Axe, Flaming + 424,000
Axe, Flaming + 530,000
Axe, Flying5,000
Axe, Frostreaver + 420,000
Axe, Healing15,000
Axe, Hiding6,000
Axe, Holding5,000
Axe, Hurling + 115,000
Axe, Hurling  + 230,000
Axe, Hurling + 345,000
Axe, Hurling  + 460,000
Axe, Hurling + 575,000
Axe, Lighting5,000
Axe, Lightning30,000
Axe, Sharpness + 135,000
Axe, Silencing3,800
Axe, Slicing4,500
Axe, Slowing4,000
Axe, Speeding3,500
Axe, Speeding + 15,000
Axe, Speeding  + 26,500
Axe, Speeding + 38,000
Axe, Speeding  + 412,500
Axe, Speeding +515,000
Axe, Sulward + 22,250
Axe, Throwing + 13,500
Axe, Throwing  + 24,500
Axe, Throwing + 35,000
Axe, Throwing  + 410,000
Axe, Throwing + 512,000
Axe, Thumb Height’s Man2,500
Axe, Turshorak  + 2/ + 35,000
Awl, Above, of the5,000
Awl, Full12,000
Awl, Hole-Punching20,000
Awl, Inn3,000
Awl, Mess1,000
Awl, Metal Piercing Awl, Protection versus20,000
Axe, Translating1,500
Axe, Vorpal + 130,000
Axe, Vorpal + 235,000
Axe, Watching2,000
Axe, Wishing12,000
Axe, Woodsman, of the4,000
Bag, Aeolus5,000
Bag, Beans5,000
Bag, Bones15,000
Bag, Demons, Pictish40,000
Bag, Devouring1,500
Bag, Holding, 50 lbs.5,000
Bag, Holding, 100 lbs.10,000
Bag, Holding, 150 lbs.15,000
Bag, Holding, 200 lbs.20,000
Bag, Holding, 250 lbs.25,000
Bag, Holding, 500 lbs.37,500
Bag, Holding, 1,000 lbs.50,000
Bag, Holding, 1,500 lbs.65,200
Bag, Holding, 2,000 lbs.70,000
Bag, Infinite Wealth50,000
Bag, Transmuting500
Bag, Tricks15,000
Bag, Useful Items15,000
Bag, Vanishing50,000
Bag, Weightlessness5,000
Bag, Wind, Aeolus20,000
Bag, Wind, Boreas7,000
Bag, Wind, Euros8,000
Bag, Wind, Notus6,500
Bag, Wind, Zephyrus6,000
Bagpipe, Confusion20,000
Bagpipe, Droning22,500
Bagpipe, Fear25,000
Bagpipe, Feline Attraction23,250
Bagpipe, Rat Attraction20,000
Bagpipe, Headache26,000
Bagpipe, Shattering50,000
Ball, Base15,000
Ball, Bowling12,500
Ball, Bowling, Damos’s225,000
Ball, Ch’Thon’s Astral12,000
Ball, Cosmetics5,000
Ball, Crystal5,000
Ball, Crystal, with Clairaudience10,000
Ball, Crystal, with ESP10,000
Ball, Crystal, Hypnosis3,000
Ball, Crystal, Normal5,000
Ball, Crystal, Sending10,000
Ball, Crystal, with Telepathy10,000
Ball, Cue6,000
Ball, Elemental, Air5,000
Ball, Elemental, Earth5,000
Ball, Elemental, Fire5,000
Ball, Elemental, Water5,000
Ball, Endless String6,000
Ball, Foot4,000
Ball, Onyx5,000
Ball, Power800
Balloon, Air650
Balloon, Carnivorous200
Balloon, Containment400
Balloon, Hot Air10,000
Balloon, Poison400
Balloon, Rust500
Balloon, Soap200
Balloon, Traveling600
Balloon, Word600
Balm, Burns300
Balm, Fear Banisher400
Balm, Healing400
Balm, Healing, Extra800
Balm, Healing, Super1,000
Balm, Poison & Venom150
Balm, XYZ500
Barrel, Hiding10,000
Barrel, Monkeys500
Barrel, Neverending Grog500
Barrel, Neverending Salt Pork1,000
Barrel, Poverty1,500
Barrel, Preservation1,000
Barrel, Rolling1,500
Basket, Devouring1,500
Basket, Holding, 100 lbs.10,000
Basket, Holding, 150 lbs.15,000
Basket, Holding, 200 lbs.20,000
Basket, Holding, 250 lbs.25,000
Basket, Holding, 500 lbs.37,500
Basket, Holding, 1,000 lbs.50,000
Bead, Accuracy1,500
Bead, Dew300
Bead, Eye1,500
Bead, Force1,000
Bead, Glass400
Bead, Pearl5,000
Bead, Prayer300
Beady Eye6,000
Bell, Alarm15,000
Bell, Ball, of a1,200
Bell, Calling6,500
Bell, Choir15,000
Bell, Church50,000
Bell, Cow9,000
Bell, Diving, l’ostern40,000
Bell, Freedom25,000
Bell, Lacedon Summoning3,000
Bell, Pavlov3,500
Bell, Protection + 110,000
Bell, Protection + 212,500
Bell, Protection + 315,000
Bell, Protection +417,500
Bell, Protection +520,000
Bell, Ringing20,000
Bell, Warning17,500
Bell, Warning, Spelljamming900
Bellows, Breath5,000
Bellows, Breezes6,000
Bellows, Roarin7,500
Belt, Arcane, of the30,000
Belt, Golden Serpent18,000
Belt, Marcol30,000
Belt, Meginjarder, Redlicunknown
Belt, Protection + 110,000
Belt, Protection + 220,000
Belt, Protection + 330,000
Belt, Protection + 440,000
Belt, Protection +5 50,000
Boat, Air200,000
Boat, Desert200,000
Boat, Folding7,500
Boat, Freya’s25,000
Boat, Frogunknown
Boat, Gnomish Submersible4,000
Boat, House40,000
Boat, Ice3,000
Boat, Keel, Hades7,500
Boat, Mist6,000
Boat, Phaseships45,000
Boat, Semekhtet-Barge18,000
Boat, Skyfish9,000
Boat, Skyship5,000
Boat, Smuggler’s18,000
Bola +11,500
Bola +23,000
Bola +34,500
Bola +46,000
Bola, Sunlight5,000
Bonnet, Horn5,000
Bonnet, War5,000
Boomerang, Tunkk6,000
Boomerang, Throwing + 11,750
Boomerang, Throwing + 23,500
Boomerang, Throwing +35,000
Boomerang, Throwing + 47,000
Boomerang, Throwing +59,000
Book, Bats2,000
Book, Black Circles40,000
Book, Blind4,000
Book, Blood10,000
Book, Boccob’s Blessed35,000
Book, Bowgentle’s30,000
Book, Bright Ages600
Book, Codex, Infinite Planes62,500
Book, Dark Ages600
Book, Exalted Deeds40,000
Book, Gilonomicon20,000
Book, Grimoire of Archaic Alchemy40,000
Book, Heaven35,000
Book, Hopeful Deeds500
Book, Hopeless Deeds500
Book, Infinite Spells50,000
Book, Karso, Notebook of2,000
Book, Laeyndar’s Book of Metamorphosis5,000
Book, Lexicon of Spirits5,000
Book, No End, with10,000
Book, Num “The Mad”5,000
Book, Shangarar the Black40,000
Book, Sibylline7,000
Book, Sighted400
Book, Silver Talon12,000
Book, Skelos9,000
Book, Thorns5,000
Book, Thoth, of15,000
Boot, Attraction3,500
Boot, Balance10,000
Boot, Carrying5,000
Boot, Cloudwalking7,000
Boot, Comfortableness2,500
Boot, Concealing15,000
Boot, Dancing5,000
Boot, Elvenkind5,000
Boot, Featherweight7,000
Boot, Float Like a Butterfly5,000
Boot, Jogging6,000
Boot, Levitation15,000
Boot, Loki’s, Relicunknown
Boot, North, of the7,500
Boot, Permanent Shine1,800
Boot, Pinching1,800
Boot, Speed20,000
Boot, Star Striding20,000
Boot, Stomping1,800
Boot, Striding & Springing20,000
Bottle, Efreeti45,000
Bottle, Evaporation1,500
Bottle, Eversmoking2,500
Bottle, Fireflies3,000
Bottle, Pleasant Odors5,000
Bottle, Refreshment2,500
Bottle, Safety8,000
Bottle, Thought5,000
Bottle, Undead, Ghost6,000
Bottle, Undead, Vampire6,000
Bottle, Undead, Wraith6,000
Bottle, Undead, Groaning Spirit6,000
Bottle, Undead, Spectre6,000
Bow, Accuracy +315,000
Bow, Distance +212,000
Bow, Ice Fangs3,500
Bow, Fire Teeth5,000
Bow, +13,500
Bow, +27,000
Bow, +312,250
Bowel, Summoning, Elemental Air15,000
Bowel, Summoning, Elemental Fire15,000
Box, Musical, Magical15,000
Box, Delightful Transports25,000
Bracelet, Charms10,000
Bracelet, Archery10,000
Bracelet, Attraction1,000
Bracer, Blinding Strike20,000
Bracer, Brachiation10,000
Bracer, Brandishing15,000
Bracer, Cleanliness8,000
Bracer, AC 1824,000
Bracer, AC 1721,000
Bracer, AC 1618,000
Bridle, Control5,000
Bridle, Ginzani’s35,000
Bridle, Listening5,000
Bridle, Soaring8,000
Bridle, Speaking27,000
Bridle, Taming6,000
Bridle, Wings27,500
Brooch, Begoing16,000
Brooch, Bones4,000
Brooch, Equus30,000
Brooch, Imog12,000
Brooch, Lunar9,000
Brooch, Number Numbing20,000
Brooch, Protection + 110,000
Brooch, Protection + 212,500
Brooch, Protection + 315,000
Brooch, Protection +417,500
Brooch, Shielding10,000
Buckle, Lockpicks + 5%7,000
Buckle, Lockp1cks + 10%7,500
Buckle, Lockpicks + 15%8,000
Buckle, Lockpicks + 20%8,500
Buckle, AC 2030,000
Buckle, AC 1924,000
Buckle, Protection + 110,000
Buckle, Protection + 212,500
Buckle, Protection + 315,000
Buckle, Protection +417,500
Broom, Animated Attack3,000
Broom, Blindness6,000
Broom, Flying10,000
Broom, Serving3,000
Broom, Sweeping6,000
Bugle, Reviving5,000
Bugle, Sleeping3,500
Bugle, Walking3,000
Button, Blasting10,000
Button, Confusion5,000
Button, Fastening3,000
Candle, Black, Clumsiness1,000
Candle, Black, Exhaustion1,000
Candle, Black, Feeblemindedness1,000
Candle, Black, Foolishness1,000
Candle, Black, Weakness1,000
Candle, Blue500
Candle, Everburning2,500
Cap, Dream, Veluna 1,500
Cap, Healing, Veluna 4,000
Cap, Protection + 1 2,000
Cap, Protection + 2 2,500
Cap, Protection + 33,000
Cap, Protect10n +4 3,500
Cap, Protection +54,000
Cap, Tuleportation15,000
Carpet, Fighting20,000
Carpet, Flying, 1 Person12,500
Carpet, Flying, 2 Person25,000
Carpet, Flying, 3 Person37,500
Carpet, Flying, 4 Person50,000
Carpet, Solomon’s Magic20,000
Cask, Everfull3,600
Cask, Wind Spy20,000
Casket, Furyondy27,500
Casket, Holding, 2,000 lbs.70,000
Chain, Str 14 500
Chain, Str 15 600
Chain, Str 16 800
Chair, Ancestors, of the10,000
Chair, Shrinking10,000
Chair, Sleep Prevention15,000
Circlet, Protection + 12,000
Circlet, Protection + 2 2,500
Circlet, Protection +34,000
Chime, Opening20,000
Chime, Time2,000
Chime, Visitors1,000
Chime, Warning5,000
Cloak, Arachnida25,000
Cloak, Atmosphere9,000
Cloak, Bat, of the15,000
Cloak, Battle12,000
Cloak, Bear, Sulhaut17,500
Cloak, Blackflame100,000
Cloak, Cheetah, Amedio15,000
Cloak, Clouds, of the12,000
Cloak, Cold1,000
Cloak, Comfort7,500
Cloak, Delight35,000
Cloak, Displacement17,500
Cloak, Dryness10,000
Cloak, Echoes3,000
Cloak, Elvenkind6,000
Cloak, Etherealness15,500
Cloak, Fangs10,000
Cloak, Flame1,500
Cloak, Gargoyle6,000
Cloak, Guarding10,000
Cloak, Hellfurnaces8,000
Cloak, Many Colors –8,000
Cloak, Mummy12,000
Cloak, Night5,000
Cloak, One Plume, of the40,000
Cloak, Piwafwi6,000
Cloak, Plenty6,000
Cloak, Poisonousness2,500
Cloak, Protection, + 110,000
Cloak, Protection, + 220,000
Cloak, Protection, + 330,000
Cloak, Protection, +440,000
Cloak, Protection, + 550,000
Cloak, Protection, Symbiotic20,000
Cloak, Reflection10,000
Cloak, Shadow30,000
Cloak, Shield, of the10,000
Cloak, Slender Appearance4,000
Cloak, Stars7,500
Cloak, Survival6,000
Cloak, Symbiotic Protection20,000
Cloak, Tiger, Chakyik12,500
Cloak, Warmth7,500
Cloak, Wolf, Wegiur15,000
Clothing, Protection + 110,000
Clothing, Protection + 220,000
Clothing, Protection + 330,000
Clothing, Protection + 440,000
Clothing, Protection + 550,000
Club +14,000
Club +28,000
Club +312,000
Club +416,000
Club +520,000
Club, Daghdhaunknown
Club, Maca + 14,000
Club, Maca + 28,000
Club, Maca + 312,000
Club, Maca +416,000
Club, Maca + 520,000
Compass, Elemental, Air50,000
Compass, Elemental, Earth50,000
Compass, Elemental, Fire50,000
Compass, Elemental, Water50,000
Compass, Magic10,000
Cord, Climbing10,000
Cord, Constriction1,000
Coronet, Communication20,000
Coronet, Macintyre15,000
Coronet, Reviving5,000
Coronet, Walking3,000
Cowl, Protection + 110,000
Cowl, Protection +220,000
Cowl, Warding50,000
Crescent, Battle, Sharpness35,000
Crescent, Battle, Tusmit’s18,000
Crescent, Battle, Vorpal50,000
Crossbow, Extinguishing7,500
Crossbow, Finding12,000
Crossbow, Flaming3,500
Crossbow, Flying7,500
Crossbow, Healing40,000
Crossbow, Hiding7,500
Crossbow, Holding10,000
Crossbow, Levitation + 17,000
Crossbow, Lighting3,000
Crossbow, Lightning30,000
Crossbow, Lir +310,000
Crossbow, Pedal800
Crossbow, Silencing5,000
Crossbow, Slicing35,000
Crossbow, Slowing7,000
Crossbow, Speed + 17,500
Crossbow, Speed +215,000
Crossbow, Speed + 322,500
Crossbow, Speed +430,000
Crossbow, Speed +537,500
Crossbow, Summoning15,000
Crossbow, Translating10,000
Crossbow, Underwater10,000
Crossbow, Vainamoinen + 3, Relicunknown
Crossbow, Watching7,500
Crossbow, Wishing11,000
Crossbow, Accuracy +14,000
Crossbow, Accuracy +28,000
Crossbow, Accuracy +312,000
Crossbow, Accuracy +416,000
Crossbow, Angling7,500
Crossbow, Breathing12,500
Crossbow, Charming7,000
Crossbow, Cursed -11,000
Crossbow, Cursed -22,000
Crossbow, Cursed -33,000
Crossbow, Deceiving5,000
Crossbow, Defending10,000
Crossbow, Deflecting7,500
Crossbow, Distance + 17,500
Crossbow, Distance +215,000
Crossbow, Distance +322,500
Crossbow, Distance +430,000
Crossbow, Distance + 537,500
Crossbow, Draining7,500
Crossbow, Enchantment7,500
Crown, Sorona120,000
Crown, Souls75,000
Crown, Veluna, Silver22,500
Crown, Velvet10,000
Crown, Void, of the40,000
Crown, Yarus5,000
Cudgel +13,000
Cudgel +24,500
Cudgel, Druid’s + 17,500
Cutlass +12,000
Cutlass +24,000
Cutlass +37,000
Cutlass +410,000
Cutlass, Blackjammer’s3,000
Cutlass, Golden Gulf + 14,000
Dagger +1750
Dagger +21,500
Dagger +32,250
Dagger +43,000
Dagger +53,750
Dagger, Alcoholic Beverage Detection + 33,000
Dagger, Alignment Detection600
Dagger, Armor Piercing + 17,000
Dagger, Armor Piercing + 29,500
Dagger, Armor Piercing + 312,000
Dagger, Banishing + 112,500
Dagger, Banishing + 222,500
Dagger, Blackflame + 2175,000
Dagger, Breathing12,500
Dagger, Charming7,000
Dagger, Chill Blade10,000
Dagger, Deceiving5,000
Dagger, Defending10,000
Dagger, Defiance17,500
Dagger, Deflecting7,500
Dagger, Dolphin + 1/ + 210,000
Dagger, Doomwarding + 120,000
Dagger, Dragonfang + 115,000
Dagger, Draining7,500
Dagger, Elven + 11,000
Dagger, Elven + 21,300
Dagger, Elven + 31,600
Dagger, Evil Eye1,000
Dagger, Extinguishing7,500
Dagger, Fang7,500
Dagger, Finding12,000
Dagger, Flaming3,500
Dagger, Flying + 17,500
Dagger, Flying +215,000
Dagger, Grimwald’s + 17,500
Dust, Absorption1,500
Dust, Adhering1,000
Dust, Allergy500
Dust, Appearance4,000
Dust, Black Veil5,000
Dust, Blandness500
Dust, Blending5,000
Dust, Blinding7,500
Dust, Coagulation2,500
Fist +110,000
Fist +215,000
Fist, Delzoun’s95,000
Fist, Monkey ofHa’chao12,500
Flail +14,000
Flail +28,000
Flail +312,000
Flail +416,000
Flail +54,000
Flail, Alignment Detection600
Flail, Armor Piercing + 17,000
Flail, Armor Piercing + 29,500
Flail, Banishing + 112,500
Flail, Banishing + 222,500
Flail, Breathing12,500
Flail, Charming7,000
Flail, Chill Blade10,000
Flail, Deceiving5,000
Flail, Defending10,000
Flail, Defiance17,500
Flail, Deflecting7,500
Flail, Doomwarding + 120,000
Flail, Draining7,500
Flail, Extinguishing7,500
Flail, Finding12,000
Flail, Flaming3,500
Flail, Flying + 17,500
Flail, Flying + 215,000
Flail, Healing40,000
Flail, Hiding7,500
Flail, Holding10,000
Flail, Hornblade + 12,000
Flail, Hornblade + 24,000
Flail, Illusory Metal3,000
Flail, Impaling + 11,500
Flail, Impaling + 23,000
Flail, Invisible5,000
Flail, Jump10,000
Flail, Lighting3,000
Flail, Random-‘Tu.rget +21,000
Flail, Rust + 15,000
Flail, Silencing4,000
Flail, Slowing3,500
Flail, Speaking + 47,500
Flail, Speeding7,500
Flail, Translating7,000
Flail, Watching6,000
Gift, Gusir’s, Relic2,500
Gem, Protection + 110,000
Gem, Protection + 215,000
Gem, Protection + 320,000
Gem, Protection + 425,000
Gem, Protection + 530,000
Girdle, Many Pouches10,000
Girdle, Strength, Cloud Giant40,000
Girdle, Strength, Fire Giant35,000
Girdle, Strength, Frost Giant30,000
Girdle, Strength, Hill Giant20,000
Girdle, Strength, Ogre15,000
Girdle, Strength, Stone Giant25,000
Girdle, Strength, Storm Giant45,000
Girdle, Strength, Meginjarder, Relicunknown
Globe, Vision3,000
Glove, Lightning2,000
Glove, Missile Snaring1,500
Glove, Power, Thor’s, Relicunknown
Glove, Sentinel Relic24,500
Glove, Thievery5,000
Guisarme +13,000
Guisarme +26,000
Guisarme +39,000
Halberd +11,000
Halberd +2 1,500
Halberd +32,000
Hammer +12,500
Hammer +2 6,000
Hammer +3 9,000
Hammer +4 12,000
Hammer +515,000
Hammer, Avenging +24,000
Hammer, Basher2,500
Hammer, Black + 6 40,000
Hammer, Breathing3,000
Hammer, Charming 4,000
Hammer, Deceiving1,000
Hammer, Defendingunknown
Hat, Cyclocone15,000
Hat, Difference8,000
Hat, Disguise7,500
Hat, Hairiness3,500
Hat, Hairlessness3,500
Hat, Headlessness3,500
Hat, Stupiruty1,000
Harpoon + 1 1,500
Harpoon + 2 3,000
Harpoon + 3 4,500
Harpoon + 4 6,000
Harpoon + 57,500
Helm + 15,000
Helm + 210,000
Helm + 315,000
Helm + 420,000
Horn, Command20,000
Horseshoe, Fleeting3,000
Horseshoe, Speed10,000
loun Stone, Cerulean Blue Rhomboid5,000
loun Stone, Clear Pink Sphere5,000
loun Stone, Clear Sphere5,000
Ioun Stone, Clear Spindle5,000
Ioun Stone, Copper Rectangle5,000
loun Stone, Cursed Version1,000
Ioun Stone, Deep Black Sphere5,000
Ioun Stone, Deep Purple Prism5,000
loun Stone, Deep Red Sphere5,000
Ioun Stone, Dull Gray5,000
Ioun Stone, Dusty Rose Prism5,000
Javelin +11,800
Javelin +22,250
Jellaba AC 1824,000
Jellaba AC 1928,000
Jellaba AC 2032,000
Lance +12,000
Lance +24,000
Lance, Dragon, Footman’s6,000
Lance, Dragon, Mounted7,200
Lance, Horus’s, Relicunknown
Lance, Lighting30,000
Lance, Ortnit’s Doom, Relicunknown
Mace + 13,000
Mace + 1, +2 versus Undead2,000
Mace +24,500
Mace + 2, +4 versus Undead3,000
Mace +a10,000
Mace +415,000
Mace +520,000
Mace, Breathing3,000
Mace, Charming4,000
Mace, Crushing + 315,000
Mace, Cuthbert, Relic35,000
Map, Magic & Traps20,000
Map, Mapping & Magic20,000
Map, Secret Doors10,000
Mask, Clear Air5,000
Mask, Comedy2,000
Mask, Death1,000
Mask, Disguise10,000
Mask, Electrum Female10,000
Mask, Electrum Male10,000
Mask, Faceless5,000
Mask. Fanged7,000
Mask, Gold Female15,000
Mask, Gold Male15,000
Mask, Horned10,000
Mask, Magic20,000
Mask, Mirror10,000
Mask, Platinum Female10,000
Mask, Platinum Male10,000
Mask, Protection + 110,000
Mask, Protection + 212,500
Mask, Protection + 315,000
Mask, Protection +417,500
Mask, Protection +520,000
Mask, Scowling5,000
Mask, Silence10,000
Mask, Silver Female12,000
Mask, Silver Male12,000
Mask, Skull7,000
Mask. Smiling8,000
Mask, Spider5,000
Mask, Tragedy4,000
Mask, Veil6,000
Military Pick +12,500
Military Pick +25,000
Military Pick +310,000
Military Pick +420,000
Military Pick +540,000
Military Fork + 12,500
Military Fork +25,000
Military Fork +310,000
Military Fork +420,000
Military Fork + 540,000
Military Fork, Pain +4, Relicunknown
Morning Star + 13,000
Morning Siar + 26,000
Morning Siar +310,000
Morning Star +415,000
Morning Star + 520,000
Morning Star, Battlestar +435,000
Morning Star, Breathing3,000
Morning Star, Charming4,000
Morning Star, Deceiving1,000
Morning Star, Defending4,000
Morning Star, Deflecting4,000
Morning Star, Draining5,000
Morning Star, Extinguishing4,000
Morning Star, Finding10,000
Morning Star, Flaming6,000
Morning Star, Flying5,000
Morning Star, Healing15,000
Morning Star, Hiding6,000
Morning Star. Holding5,000
Morning Star, Lighting4,000
Morning Star, Silencing3,800
Morning Star, Slowing4,000
Necklace, Night Seeing4,000
Necklace, Protection +15,000
Necklace, Protection +210,000
Net, Breathing5,000
Net, Charming3,000
Net., Deceiving4,000
Net. Defending1,000
Net, Defl ecting4,000
Net., Drag4,000
Net, Draining5,000
Net, Entrapment4,000
Net, Extinguisbing7,500
Net, Finding4,000
Net, Fishing10,000
Net., Flaming4,000
Net , Flying6,000
Net , Hare5,000
Net, Healing1,500
Net, Hiding15,000
Net. Holding6,000
Net, Landing5,000
Net., Light.ning4,000
NeL, Profit30,000
Net, Restraint, Loyal10,000
Net, Safety6,000
Net, Silencing5,000
Net, Slicing3,800
Net, Slowing4,500
Net, Snaring4,000
Net, Snaring, Spirit6,000
Net, Sneering10,000
Net, Speeding3,500
Net, Translating1,500
Net, Watching2,000
Net, Web2,500
Needle, Death4,000
Needle, Knitting, Speed6,000
Needle, Lively Tattoos10
Needle, RepaiT5,000
Needle, Sewing3,000
Oil, Anger1,500
Oil, Armor4,000
Oil, Manpower2,000
Oil, Get Away1,500
Oil, Pickpocket, of the500
Oil, Power10,000
Oil, Preservation4,000
Oil, Preservation1,600
Oil, Primrose1,000
Oil, Revers ible7,500
Oil, Romance800
Oil, Rosemary600
Oil, Rue500
Oil, Rust. Proofing1,900
Oil, Sandalwood1,500
Oil, Scents250
Oil, Scribes1.3
Oil , Scrying700
Oil, Sharpness + 11,000
Oil, Sharpness + 22,000
Oil, Sharpness + 33,000
Ointment, Blessing500
Ointment, Healing5,000
Ointment, Poison600
Ointment, Scar Removal750
Ointment., Scarring4,000
Oin~ment, Second Sight10,000
Ointment. Soothing8,000
Ointment, Tunning2,500
Orb, Dragonkind, Dragon, Relic40,000
Orb, Dragonkind, Dragonette, Relic30,000
Orb, Dragonkind, Elder Wyrm, Relic70,000
Orb, Dragonkind, Firedrake, Relic60,000
Orb, Dragonkind, Grand Dragon, Relic80,000
Orb, Drngonkind, Great Serpent, Relic50,000
Orb, Dragonkind, Hatchling, Relic10,000
Orb, Oragonkind, Wyrmkin, Relic20,000
Orb, Duo-Dimension20,000
Orb, Golden Death75,000
Orb, Grief1,800
Orb, Holiness90000
Orb, Law30,000
Orb, Might, Evil, Relic100,000
Orb, Might, Good, Relic100,000
Orb, Might, Neutrality, Relic100,000
Orb, Remote Action15,000
Orb, Silver Dragon20,000
Orb, Tyche Diamond, Relic95,000
Orb, Yama, Relic125,000
Pearl, Protection, Fire5,000
Pearl, Rising Tide50,000
Pearl, Sirines, of the4,500
Pearl, Wisdom5,000
Pearl, Wisdom, Cursed500
Potion, Control, Undead, Wraith2,500
Potion, Control, Undead, Zombie2,500
Potion, Corrosive Tuucb1,200
Potion, Craftsmanship800
Potion, Creation400
Potion, Danger Detection600
Potion, Deafness800
Potion, Defense  + 11,000
Potion, Defense + 22,000
Potion, Defense +33,000
Potion, Defense  + 44,000
Potion, Defense +55,000
Potion, Deftness, Dex 17800
Potion, Deftness, Dex 181,000
Potion, Deftness, Dex 191,200
Pot.ion, Deftness, Dex 201,300
Potion, Deftness, Dex 211,500
Potion, Delusion150
Potion, Digestion500
Potion, Digging1,200
Potion, Diminution500
Potion, Direction800
Potion, Disenchantment,Permanent6,000
Potion, Dragon Armor1,600
Potion, Dragon Breath1,400
Potion, Dragon Sight2,000
Potion, Dreaming500
Potion, Dreamspeak4,000
Potion, Drunkenness250
Potion, Dwarfswater200
Potion, Elasticity3,000
Potion, Elemental Form, Air700
Potion, Elemental Form, Earth700
Potion, Elemental Form, Fire700
Potion, Elemental Form. Water700
Potion, Encha.ntment1,400
Potion, Energy6,000
Potion, Enlightenment900
Potion, ESP850
Potion, Essence of Darkness3,000
Potion, Essence Transference1,000
Potion, Eternal Slumber1,000
Potion, EthereaJit.y500
Potion, Explosions900
Potion, Fire Breath4,000
Potion, Fire Resistance400
Potion, Fire Vulnerability250
Potion, Firegel400
Potion, Fish Summoner400
Potion, Flameoil400
Potion, Fluidness1,500
Potion , Forewarning1,200
Potion, Forgetfulness250
Potion, Forgetfulness800
Potion, Fortitude6,000
Potion , Foul Water2,000
Potion, Freedom900
Potion, Fresh Air700
Potion, Fright250
Potion, Fur Growth250
Potion, Gaseous Form400
Potion, Genius800
Potion, Ghast infusion1,000
Potion, Ghostliness1,800
Potion, Glow Water200
Potion, Gluttony100
Potion, Golden Silence400
Potion, Good Humor2,000
Potion, Gray Slumber600
Potion, Greensprouting600
Potion, Hair Restorer250
Potion, Hangover Remedy200
Potion, Healing400
Potion,Healing Poultice I400
Potion, Healing Poultice II800
Potion, Healing Poultice ill1,000
Potion, Healing, Super1,000
Potion, Herbal Draught450
Potion, Heroic Action800
Potion, Heroism500
Potion, Homunculus Creation1,500
Potion, Horn of Plenty500
Potion,  Immiscibility”.Protection1,000
Potion, Immunity, Aging40,000
Potion, Immunity, Cursed, (Instant Death)40,000
Potion, Immunity, Death Magic40,000
Potion, Immunity, Disease40,000
Potion, Immunity,Lycanthropes500
Potion, Immunity, Normal Weapons40,000
Potion, Immunity, Poison40,000
Potion, Infravision500
Potion, Inner Strength700
Potion, Insulation600
Potion, Invisibility500
Potion, Invulnerability500
Potion, lron Handedness600
Potion, Ishtar’s Truth1,400
Potion, Ivy Ointment250
Potion, Kanzaz1,400
Potion, Kindness400
Potion, Language Learning5,000
Potion, Lethargy250
Potion, Levitation400
Potion, Lichdom2,500
Potion, Life Stealing4,000
Potion. Life Suspension1,500
Potion, Lightning Form1,500
Potion, Longevity1,000
Potion, Love300
Potion, Luck2,500
Potion, Luckl,500
Potion, Luminescence800
Potion, Lycanthropy, Seawolf500
Potion, Lycanthropy, Werebadger500
Potion, Lycanthropy, Werebear500
Potion,Lycanthropy, Wereboar500
Potion, Lycanthropy, Werefox500
Potion, Lycanthropy, Were.rat500
Potion, Lycanthropy, Werewolf500
Potion, Lycanthropy, Weretiger500
Potion, Mage Wine900
Potion, Magic Blocking2,000
Potion, Magic Enhancement1,800
Potion, Magic Peas250
Potion, Magic Resistance3,000
Potion, Magic Resistancel,000
Potion, Magic Shielding900
Potion, Magnetism250
Potion, Magnification800
Powder, Aphrodisiac300
Powder, Black Veil5,000
Powder, Cigam Saffron250
Powder, Coagulation2,500
Powder, Comeliness900
Powder, Obsession5,000
Powder, Purification900
Powder, Repellent, Insect200
Powder. Repellent. Lycanth1·ope700
Quarterstaff + 11,500
Quarterstaff + 23,000
Quarterstaff + 34,500
Quarterstaff + 46,000
Quarterstaff + 57,500
Quarterstaff, Breathing3,000
Quarterstaff, Charming4,000
Quarterstaff, Deceiving1,000
QuarterstalT, Defending4,000
Quarterstaff, Deflecting4,000, Draining5,000
Quarterstaff, Extinguishing4,000
Quarterstaff, Finding10,000
Quarterstaff, Flaming6,000
Quarterstaff, Flying5,000
Quarterstaff, Healing15,000
Quarterstaff, Hiding6,000
Quarterstaff, Holding5,000
Quarterstaff, Lightning30,000
Quarterstaff, Silencing3,800
Quarterstaff, Slowing4,000
Quarterstaff, Speed3,500
Quarterstaff, Stunning + 310,000
Quarterstaff, Translating1,500
Quarterstaff, Watching2,000
Ring, Engagement5,000
Ring, Faerie7,500
Ring, Fash.ion3,000
Ring, Fealher Falling5,000
Ring, Fire Resistance5,000
Ring, Fire Start.i ng3,500
Ring, Flying7,500
Ring, Folly500
Ring, Fortitude5,000
Ring, Free Action5,000
Ring, Gargoyles6,000
Ring, Gaxx17,500
Ring, Gordon’s Magic2,000
Ring, Grasshopper, of the5,000
Ring, Health, CON-159,000
Ring, Health,CON-1618,000
Ring, Health, CON-1727,000
Ring, Health, CON-1836,000
Ring, Health, CON-1940,000
Ring, Holiness10,000
Ring, Horned35,000
Ring, Human influence10,000
Ring, Ice2,500
Ring, Icebolts7,500
Ring, Immunity10,000
Ring, Impersonation4,000
Ring, lnfravision5,000
Ri ng, lnfravision  Negation7 ,000
Ring, lnfravision/Ultravision7,500
Ring, Invisibility7,500
Ring, Invisibility and Inaudibility8,000
Ring,  Invulnerability12,000
Ring, Jasmine Odor5,000
Ring, Jolting5,000
Ring, Jumping5,000
Ring, Ki ngs10,000
Ring, Languages5,000
Ring, Life Protection20.000
Ring, Light5,000
Ring, Lightning Resistance25,000
Ring, Limited Telepathy5,000
Ring, Liquid Cooling5,000
Ring, Liquid Identification4,000
Ring, Lycanthropy, Bear7,500
Ring, Lycantbropy, Boar7,500
Ring. Lycanthropy, Rat7,500
Ring, Lycanthropy, Tiger7,500
Ring, Lycanthropy, Wolf7,500
Ring, Magic Detection12,000
Ring, Magic Missiles25,000
Ring, Magic Resistance, 05%l,000
Ring, Magic Resistance, 10%2,000
Ring, Magic ‘Resistance, 15%3,000
Ring, Magic Resistance, 20%4,000
Rod, Absorption40,000
Rod, Aerdi Sea25,000
Rod, Alertness50,000
Rod, Asmodeus, of, Relicunknown
Rod, Beguiling30,000
Rod, Blind Walking7,000
Rod, Building, Relicunknown
Rod, Cancellation15,000
Rod, Climbing9,000
Rod, Dancing, Multiple25,000
Rod, Death75,000
Rod, Diplomacy15,000
Rod, Distortion25,00
Scimitar +38,000
Scimitar +49,000
Scimitar +510,000
Scimitar, Breathing3,000
Scimitar, Charming4,000
Scimitar, Deceiving1,000
Scimitar, Defending4,000
Scimitar, Denecting4,000
Scimitar, Draining500
Scimitar, Extinguishing4,000
Scimitar, Finding10,000
Scimitar, Flaming6,000
Scimitar, Spellblade (1st level) +28,000
Scimitar, Spellblade (2nd level) +210,000
Scimitar, Spellblade (3rd level) +212,000
Scimitar, SpeUblade (4th level) + 214,000
Scimitar, Spell blade (5th level) + 216,000
Scimitar, Spellblade (6th level) +218,000
Scimitar, Spellblade (7th level) +220,000
Scroll, 1 Spell, Level 1-42,000
Scroll, 1 Spell, Level 1-63,000
Scroll, Illumination6,000
Scroll, Mages10,000
Scroll, Portals9,000
Scroll, Protection. Acid7,500
Scroll, Protection, Air6,000
Shield +12,500
Shield +25,000
Holy Shield +16,000
Sickle +12,000
Sickle +24,000
Sickle +37,000
Slipper, Dragon15,000
Slipper, Drinking3,000
Slipper, Glass4,000
Slipper, Kicking6,000
Spear + 13,000
Spear +315,000
Spear, Breathing3,000
Spear, Charming 4,000
Spear, Deceiving 1,000
Spear. Defending 4,000
Spear, Deflecting 4,000
Spear, Draining5,000
Spear, Extinguishing 4,000
Spear, Finding 10,000
Spear, Flaming6,000
Sphere, Annihilat ion30,000
Sphere, Darkness20,000
Sphere, False Calling1,500
Sphere, Glain’s Crystal1,500
Sphere, Gold, Seven Heavens6,000
Sphere, Kamrohb’s Airy15,000
Sphere, Mierest’s Starlit2,000
Sphere, Warning25,000
Staff, Curing25,000
Staff, Devotion35,000
Staff, Disjoining22,500
Staff, DispeUi ng25,000
Staff, Displacement30,000
Staff, Divergence5,000
Staff, Druid50,000
Staff, Element, Air50,000
Staff, Element, Air & Water45,000
Staff, Element, Earth50,000
Staff, Element, Earth & Fire45,000
Staff, Element, Fire50,000
Staff, Element, Water50,000
Staff, Elemental Power75,000
Staff, Ethereal Action15,000
Staff, Flames40,000
Sword, +12,000
Sword +23,000
Sword, Sunblade + 110,000
Sword, Sunblade +220,000
Sword, Sun blade + 330,000
Sword, Wounding + 122,000
Sword, Wounding +234,000
Sword, Wyrmsbane + 220,000
Sword, Wyrmslayer + 330,000
Sword, Wyrmsvenin + 110,000
Sword, Wyrrnsvenin +220,000
Trident + 13,500
Trident +26,500
Trident +312,500
Trident +415,000
Trident + 517,500
Trident, Blessed +416,000
Trident, Breathing3,000
Trident, Charming4,000
Trident, Cursed – 1400
Trident, Cursed – 2600
Trident, Cursed – 3800
Trident, Deceiving1,000
Trident, Defending4,000
Trident, Defending + 111,000
Trident, Deflecting4,000
Trident, Draining5,000
Trident, Extinguishing4,000
Trident, Finding10,000
Trident, Fish Command + 14,000
Trident, Fish Command + 26,000
Trident , Fish Control5,000
Trident, Flaming6,000
Trident, Flying5,000
Trident, Healing15,000
Trident, Hiding6,000
Trident, Holding5,000
Wand of Acidic Spheres20,000
Wand of Rust35,000
Wand of Paralyzation25,000
Wand of Odins Rune, Relicunknown
Wand of Water-Finding10,000
Wand of Darkness25,000
Wand of Cold40,000
Wand of Fire25,000
Wand of Illusion20,000
Wand of Light500
Wand of Lightning30,000

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