List of Poisons and Toxins in Fantasy Worlds
A vial help up to a light to show its poisonousss contents.

Poisons can come in many forms. Poisons can be delivered as a perfume, an oil, a dust, and so forth. The only limitation is the imagination. There are special conditions that allow poisons to occur, and it’s recommended that you use caution when considering it for your adventure/campaign. May you never forget – what comes around goes around, or the old Buddhist curse goes, “May you get what you wish for.”

You can quickly find a poison table here: Poisons and below is a list of other types of poisons to help encourage your mind of the possibilities.

Bane of Knots is derived from a variety of plants, this oil causes the muscles to seize and lock. Target must make a DC 13 Constitution save or takes 2d6 poison damage and is paralyzed as their muscles all instantly cramp. They can repeat the save at the end of each turn. On a successful save damage is reduced by half and there is no paralysis.

Casket Rot is fashioned by boiling the blood of a Wight or Revenant, this foul concoction slowly kills the flesh. Target must make a DC 17 Constitution save or takes 4d12 necrotic damage and the skin around the wound begins to necrose. Each day, the target repeats the save and, on a failure, takes the damage again. While afflicted with this poison the target cannot be healed by any means. Should they die because of this damage, the next day they will rise as a wight. Succeeding on the save reduces the damage by half and prevents the necrosis of flesh.

Dragon Scale Powder is inhaled. Taking the scales fresh off a dead dragon and grinding them into a powder, this causes burning pain and leaves the eyes stinging. Target must make a DC 13 Constitution save or takes 3d4 fire damage and has disadvantage on attack rolls. This effect ends when the target takes an action to clean their face and eyes using a rag or water. A successful save the target takes no damage but other effects persist.

Dragon Scale Powder

Jellyfish Sting is a poison using the power of toxins in the stinging tentacles of jellyfish, this oil renders a limb inert. Make a melee spell attack roll using Dexterity as your attack modifier. On a hit, deal 2d8 lightning damage. The limb you touched is now paralyzed for 1 minute. If it was an arm, a one-handed weapon in that hand is dropped. The target cannot use a two-handed weapon. If you touch a leg, the targets movement is reduced by half.

Madness Spores is a toxin that is inhaled. It’s made from the spores of various sentient and non-sentient mushrooms, these spoors cause momentary panic when inhaled. Target must make a DC 14 Wisdom save or takes 2d6 psychic damage and spends its turn attacking the nearest creature, friend or foe, thinking it is a fearsome monstrosity. Repeat the save at the end of each turn to end the effect, or when 1-minute passes. On a successful save the target avoids the madness effect.

Ole Jorgen’s Tonic is ingested. Once thought to be medicine to treat various ailments this snake oil is actually just a concoction of herbs that induces vomiting. Target must make a DC 15 Constitution save or begins retching and heaving. This effect lasts 1-minute and the target is incapacitated while it is in effect.

Rotgut is ingested. This thick liquid is difficult to disguise as it is distilled from the bodies of oozes. When ingested the target must make a DC 16 Constitution save or take 8d6 poison damage and begins to eat away at the stomach. Repeat the save each hour, and on a failure take an additional 4d6 poison damage. An initial save reduces damage to half and prevents further effect. A later save stops the effects from continuing.

Siren’s Kiss is a poison that takes its effect on contact. When this strange salve (medical ointment) touches the skin, the target feels a rush of euphoria. Make a DC 13 Wisdom save. On a failure the target falls into a dream-like state they cannot be roused from. They will forgo eating, drinking, or sleeping as their mind is in a perfect world of their making. Repeat this save every 24 hours. After 7 days of failed saves the target dies of malnutrition. A successful save the target takes 3d10 psychic damage but has no other effects.

Stinging Toxin causes injury. It’s harvested from glands in giant stinging insects, when applied to a weapon can cause deadly reactions. Target must make a DC 15 Constitution save or take 14d6 poison damage and the target is poisoned, taking an additional 1d8 poison damage at the start of their turn. They can repeat the save at the end of each turn to end the effects. Successful save reduces damage by half and prevents the poison condition.

Winter Wind is dangerous when inhaled. It’s harvested from the beards of Frost Giants, this powdery snow freezes the lungs when inhaled. Target must make a DC 14 Constitution save or take 3d6 cold damage and their lungs and vocal cords become nearly frozen, rendering them unable to speak (silenced) for 1-minute. Successful save reduces damage by half and target is not silenced.

Frost Giant Beard

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