Kenither the Vampire
In Dungeons and Dragons Vampires are very powerful and cunning.

You’ve traveled far to confront this lore, what you’ve heard others talk about. Not to ask questions, but purely motivated by the rumor of the massive treasures that is somewhere here, deep in a dungeon vault. In the murky swamps vines hang low and black moss sags the tree limbs; you drudge through the knee high, insect filled water, to find this treasure. Far ahead, you see a torch light through the dark – a dilapidated castle sitting high in the swamp. Stones crumbled, weeds enshroud, and ivy caresses the ruins. It’s dispiriting to look at. They say this swampland is ruled by Kenither the Gaunt, a king long ago, who reneged on an agreement with Orcus. Now cursed, this is his tomb, his kingdom, this swamp. They say he can’t be killed; should he be near death, he will turn into a mist, go back to his coffin, and regenerate. The only true death for Kenither is to carry his coffin out of this swamp. A silhouette crosses your path… .

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