Imperial Knights
D&D Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art.

Staring ahead, readying to cross the bridge, you see eight well groomed, military dressed cavalry riders on warhorses who are layered in armor and decorated: these riders are the Imperial Knights of the Empire: they are considered the best of the best in these lands, with the empires best constructed armor to preserve them and the best weapons that compliments their skills, with the second rider carrying a flag of the empire; sewn onto the flag are a horse and the scepter.

These riders weren’t just cavalry of powerful skills and attributes; these knights were strengthened by clergy and magic-users who enhanced their weapons and armor with magic to such extreme, it’s rumored that the lead rider with the lance had the ability inflict piercing suffrage to anyone, and if the Imperial Knight should be in a jousting position, can joust through any armor that isn’t magically protected.

The Lance of Cordial was one of the many rare, known rumors of the hidden abilities and artifacts that made up the Imperial Knights. As they approach, the lead waves you down; they may want to ask you some questions… .

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