How To Play Dungeons and Dragons
A hand comes out of the ground showing adventurers a magical orb.

Below you will find very important, quick links to exactly what you need to get in the game and feel like an old-pro in minutes. Once past the portal, you will find that Dungeons & Dragons adventure games are unlike any games you have ever played before! There is no playing board, no piece to move from space to consecutive space, and no play money to exchange from player-to-player. In Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game the action takes place in the imagination of the players themĀ­selves – shedding their everyday identities as students, streamers, influencers, office workers and serious professionals and assume the roles of fearless fighters, mighty magicians, courageous clerics or any one of a number of heroic classes and professions.

Role-playing encourages that the players become so familiar with their game persona that they become one with their characters in their imagination while playing the game. They will react throughout the game as the characters would in each given situation! The player becomes an actor. Through the character, he or she may vicariously “act out” heroic deeds, fight great battles with courage and brilliance, or perhaps flee to fight yet another day. Just as in everyday life, each character is endowed with a variety of attributes and characteristics such as strength and wisdom…in short, an instant personality profile of relative strengths and weaknesses.

One individual, known as the Dungeon Master (DM), is the grand coordinator of all the action. His or her role is a combination of actor and storyteller. The DM’s narrative breathes life into the word that the players must travel. The DM must not only order and create the cosmos, he or she must also play the part of each and every person or creature that the player characters encounter. A DM may be called upon to portray a gate guard or an inn keeper, a merchant or a monster, an oracle or a madman as the situation dictates. It is a demanding position, for the DM must be able to properly play a wide range of personalities in any given moment: in one role cooperative, in the next uncaring and non-committal, foolish and clever, and so on.

But note, you don’t need to memorize it all – even a GREAT Dungeon Master only remembers a fraction of the universe you’ll be adventuring in, because D&D, like the imagination, is boundless and limitless – infinite.

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A hand comes out of the ground showing adventurers a magical orb.

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