How to Play Dungeons and Dragons: A Quick Guide
A quick guide for new players learning Dungeons and Dragons the easy way.

New players, this is a quick guide on how to play D&D. Please don’t be intimidated: you only need to know less than 1% of the guidelines and very little about the world you will venture, while a great Dungeon Master may only know 20% of the guidelines and the world you are adventuring.

From 244+ races to hundreds of spells, with thousands of published creatures, demons, monsters and foes, including their habitat to their societies, from Psionics to Feats, from thousands of magical items, relics, potions, scrolls, artifacts, armor, etc. to 278+ Options and Features, from Racial Traits to Conditions – the Dungeon Master labors endlessly for you, so don’t stress, trust.

Quick Guide 12 pages was designed to be read in the order it is presented to help you quickly understand the game much easier. In 30 minutes, you’ll be an old pro.

Some of the things that you will learned inside the PDF are:

First thing to learn in Dungeons and Dragons is the language and this glossary provides that information.
Quick Dungeons and Dragons Glossary
This is a quick lesson on understanding Dungeons and Dragons alignments.
Quick Alignment Guide
This is a quick guide to understanding modifiers and bonuses in Dungeons and Dragons.
Quick Understanding of Modifiers and Bonuses in Dungeons and Dragons
Quickly understand how attacks working in the D&D universe.
Quick Understanding on How Attacks Work in D&D

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