Hobbits Are People Too
Hobbit standing at attention, relaxied.

Hobbits are much smaller than humans, even smaller than dwarves, and are often mistaken for children by “big folks” (humans, elves, and similar odd creatures) who see them. Such likeness to big folks may be explained through a long-forgotten common ancestry, which would also explain why Hobbits often like or dislike the same things as big folks do.

A merry folk, Hobbits are good-natured individuals. When pushed to resort to weapons, they choose small swords and short hunting bows, which they can shoot with uncanny precision when needs be.

Hobbits live in peace and relative prosperity. Their land is rich, and their borders protected. They seldom trade with other folk, with the occasional exception of travelling dwarves. Their culture’s economy ranks as prosperous.

There are several types of Hobbits that each deserve their own volume but if there are any similarities, it’s pretty obvious: they all have fuzzy feet and are stout and husky…more than enough have potbellies.

In the finest tradition of Hobbits everywhere, it’s often they have a selection of sensible snacks, such as biscuits and seed cakes, available for guests, as well as having something nice to drink; it’s not unusual for a Hobbit to offer a hot mug of tea.

Their dwellings are holes in the ground or trees, else makeshift awnings. These are not filthy places, or smelly places, nor are they bare: but a painted, paneled, tiled, carpeted polished dwellings. In the hills is where you’d find them, if they wanted to be found.

They are not cunning, but sneaky, yet not of the malicious type, but of curious nature, though not the curious minds of a mage or an alchemist. No, their curiosity is simple: curious.

They gain nothing from causing trouble, being in trouble, or looking for trouble, but from time-to-time trouble finds them. Though it’s not the troubles big folks would know, it’s simpler than that: it’s Hobbit troubles: stale tobacco to spilt tea, life is pleasant enough to complain about these little things that can turn into a weekend of gossip among their social circle – their clan; a village if you will.

Hobbits are predictable, and they like it that way, almost as much as their pastries in their pantries and the wines in their cellars.

Those who my judge them for living such a simple life are nothing more than jealous, while most who might have the opportunity to meet them are envious.

Two Hobbits standing near tree.

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