Hitching Post and Horse Tack
Railing a horse is easy and ensure they do not run away.

In town you see a variety of single posts and wooden rail posts, used to tie up horses and other beasts of burden. They’re most common near venues like taverns, jails, inns, and markets. You know tying up a horse isn’t as simple as tying a knot with its reins, because if the horse suddenly jerked its head, it would snap the reins and could injure itself. But instead, give the reins a couple wraps around the rail if you know it won’t spook easily and will faithfully stay put while you are gone, unattended. If not, it’s best to slip off the bridge and slip on a halter with lead rope, knowing the best knots to tie the lead rope to the rail is the slip knot, for quick release. And always give the horse 2 to 3 feet of lead rope: too much it may trip on it, too little, it restrains its head, and it could become irritated or panic.

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