Gladiator Encounter
Gladiator Combatant in Dungeons and Dragons

The night is full of excitement, the evening before the arena battles begins. Meeting and greeting random strangers, you cross paths with a human Gladiator who is adored by women. He nods to you and speaks in a very confident, deep voice, “I am Inicio, Gladiator, fighter of Facenda, son of General Coto.”

Gladiators are expected to announce their name, title, origin and social relations to all who ask, else they encounter, so they are loved before they find themselves in the arena: being popular is an essential key to successfully earning freedom, if not spared from death should they find themselves in submission.

The ladies snaked their arms around him like the Gladiator was to be worshiped, though they enjoyed the idea of a sexual encounter with a man who might be dead tomorrow. One woman, with black hair, a petite, tall frame, rubs her hands on his chest, looking at you, “Would you be brave enough to consider an area battle with Inicio?” She smirks, trying to get one of you killed for her own thrills.

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