Fallen Archons Celestial Beings
The abyss is where you'll find the fallen Archons.

An archon always answers to a higher being: a superior archon, angel, and always to a Mount Celestial deity. It is expected to abide by and enforce the laws of its god. There are rare instances that an archon, just like its angel brethren, for some reason or another, would deviate from the stringent rules set for it. Depending on the gravity of its actions, an archon may be stripped of its station, banished from Mount Celestia, or even imprisoned. Such an archon has become a fallen archon.

Most fallen archons who are banished willingly live out their lives as mortals in the Material Plane, accepting it as a form of penitence. However, a few, having been twisted by their perverse pride, greed, and selfishness, become subversive and hide out in the Lower Planes. As they simmer in anger and hate, they become prone to temptation.

Agents representing archdevils from the Nine Hells offer fallen archons a place where they can be respected, given power, and a chance to punish those that have wronged them. Those that accept sign a diabolical contract that binds their souls to Asmodeus and the Nine Hells. They transform and become corrupted shadows of their former selves and ultimately become devils. They lose some of their archon abilities but gain new, fiendish ones.

Most fallen archons become soldiers of archdevils that recruited them. Others become assassins, agents, and spies. No matter their role, fallen archons are no longer bound by their conscience or morality and have become cruel, merciless, and unforgiving.

A fallen archon doesn’t require food, drink, or sleep.

The abyss of hell awaits in solemn red skies.

Fallen trumpet archons are called harbinger archons. They continue to fulfill the role of heralds and messengers, serving their new archdevil masters. When they blow their business, it is often a notification for war or the impending arrival of the armies of the Nine Hells. Harbinger archons take every opportunity to lie, kill, and manipulate in order to further their master’s interests, as well as their own.

When hound archons fall, they transform into savage hell hound hybrids. Their fur ranges from black to muddy dark red. Their eyes gleam like embers, and flames lick from their mouths. They guard their master’s citadels and hunt and track those who seek to escape from it. As their name implies, they can breathe fire, as well as transform into hell hounds. They are also often seen training and leading packs of hell hounds.

Hellblade archons are former sword archons that let their emotions get the best of them. They may have lost a close friend or ally to an enemy. Blinded by rage and their need for vengeance, they willingly ignored their sacred oaths and instructions. Banished from Mount Celestia, they felt betrayed and turned their anger back at their former allies. Now residing in the Nine Hells, hellblade archons are tasked by archdevils to lead troops of devils and often keep a retinue of loyal injustice archons.

Hellblade archons are more formidable opponents in combat. Aside from being able to cast more dangerous spells, they can also project an aura of hellfire which makes enemies more vulnerable to their fire-based attacks.

Justice archons are prone to anger, self-righteousness, and obsession. It is no surprise that of all archons, they are the ones who often become fallen archons. Known as injustice archons, these cruel and merciless devils serve their diabolical masters as assassins and inquisitors. They are relentless hunters, never stopping until they or their quarries are dead. Adventurers who have continuously thwarted the interests of a powerful devil may soon find themselves the targets of injustice archons.

Unlike their counterpart warden archons, ravager archons would lead devils to raid, pillage, and lay siege on enemy encampments and settlements. Their knowledge and experience of guarding well-defended bastions make them perfect to spearhead such missions. They are sometimes sent to the Material Plane to lead diabolical cults in assault missions against their enemies.

In combat, ravager archons are bloodthirsty and ferocious fighters, tearing their enemies apart with their mighty claws and sharp teeth. What makes them even more dangerous than warden archons is their ability to cast the powerful devastating wave spell.

Fallen throne archons are extremely rare, but they do exist. When Zariel was still a solar and led an army into Avernus, she was accompanied by a squadron of archons dedicated and loyal to her. Almost all were slain when Zariel’s forces were defeated. Those who survived, including a few throne archons, succumbed to the corrupting influence of Asmodeus after Zariel accepted the offer of the Lord of Nessus. Now known as tyrant archons, these devils serve as chief lieutenants to Zariel and other archdevils.

Tyrant archons can rival the power of the mighty angels. In combat, they can strike with powerful melee attacks and unleash devastating spells in the same turn. Their dreaded corrupting gaze can turn good creatures into puppets they can manipulate. Tyrant archons lead battalions of devils in the Blood War and are always attended to by other fallen archons and lesser devils.

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