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Dragon Turtle 5e

ドラゴン Doragons all have breath weapons, but they also have other powers not usually given to the normal D&D dragon: all can polymorph themselves, become invisible, and use the ESP* spell (see below).

Evil dragons always live in mountains and hills, whereas good dragons live in water areas.

Green dragons are lawful and unaffected by anything with wood in it.

Blue dragons are made of the sky and neutral and not affected by anything launched in the air at them.

Red dragons are very evil and breathe fire.

Gold or Kaleidoscopic Dragon, (like the famous 8 headed dragon named Orochi) that can cause wind and rainstorms, breathe fire and/or acid, and soar. It is very fond of eating opals and pearls and looks favorably upon any mortal giving these. These dragon lives in, and rules all creatures of, the sea. There is also a dragon of treasure whose skin is made of gems and gold. It attracts treasure to its body like a magnet to iron. Its armor class is 25 because of the great number of gems and gold on its body. It has a breath weapon of double strength, shooting distance, and number of times usable as a gold dragon.

Each set of dragons encountered may be of any alignment and be colored white, red, gold, blue, green, or black, but their powers vary solely with their type. There is a 60% chance of finding them in their lair, but they never sleep. Only Hai-Riyo can be subdued.

All Asian Dragons have ESP* (see below) at a radius of at least one-hundred feet plus their age times five. All except Tatsu can polymorph at will into human form and back at will and become visible or invisible at will – except that an invisible dragon will become visible when attacking.

Hai-Riyo is the most common, they are wingless, long, four-footed, with a spiked back and tail, and 2 horns and whiskers on the head, plus an unextractable organ inside it which allows them to fly. Hai-Riyoi typically attack with 2 claws 1d10 each, 1 bite 2d12, and 1 tail spike 1d12. The tail is poisonous: A creature subjected to this poison must succeed on a DC 11 Constitution saving throw, taking 3d6 poison damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. Hai-Riyo have no breath weapon but may cast (1) three times a day, either Control Weather or Ice Storm in any combination, once per day, Bless. These dragons live in rivers and ponds, breathe air or water, take no damage from lightning, but double damage from fire. Water Fire for 4d12. Hai-Riyo love arsenic, bamboo, and swallows. They are immune to poison and no insect, arachnid, or arthropod may approach within a radius of 60 feet.

These small 4 foot dragons are powerful and scary they way the stand and prey on characters in Dungeons and Dragons.
Hai-Riyo four foot tall dragon

AC: 17 HP: 90

Orochi they do not live in and rule the seas — that is the province of the Dragon Turtle. An eight-headed beast for a dragon. The ordinary attacks of the Orochi are 2 claws 2d12+4 each and 1 bite 2d20 in damage per mouth. They breathe fire and acid in a cone six times per day from any of its eight heads, doing damage 18d6 with each fire/acid breath. They may also throw Control Weather at 2 times per day.

Orochi is Tiamat with 8 heads and can breath fire and acid.
Orochi is an eight headed dragon.

AC: 25 HP: 780

Gozuryū These solitary brutes are a form of the Dragon Turtle, with a turtle body, crested neck, and elongated snout. They rule large bodies of water, can breathe air or water but cannot fly, and can lift any ship they come up under or ram as the largest warship. Their ordinary attacks are 2 claws 2d12 each and 1 bite 4d12. Their breath weapon is steam. They breathe out steam four times per day in a cone with damage at 3d20. Gozuryū have the They are vulnerable to fire damage, but resistant to water damage. They do not bother with spells.

Gozuryu is a Dungeons and Dragons Turtle Dragon that is attacking a ship at sea.
D&D Gozuryū Turtle Dragon

AC: 20 HP: 480

The *ESP spell is listed here for your understanding and use:

Dungeons and Dragons new spell called ESP being casted.
Casting ESP spell


3rd-level divination

Range (how far it can reach): 100 (plus special for dragons)
Casting Time: 1 Turn
Range: 100 feet (plus special for dragons)
Duration: 5 turns
Classes: Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard
Subclasses: none
Races: none

Caster is able to detect most immediate, and fleeting thoughts of all within range (without confusion), excluding those with no minds, or thoughts. There is nothing can stop this spells project except any metal or stone of any thickness (and obvious limiters like dispel magic). This lasts 5 turns. No material components needed.

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