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Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series

Dungeon Master calls Venger his greatest mistake – a comment heavy with mysterious meaning because Venger is both his son and former student. Venger once had a good soul, but that was long ago before Venger came into contact with the force of evil that turned him against his father. Just what or who that influential force was remains unknown to all but Venger, Dungeon Master, and Karina, Venger’s twin sister. Like Dungeon Master, Venger is over a thousand years old, and during his life he has killed many of the heroes that Dungeon Master employs to oppose him. Only Hank, Eric, Diana, Presto, Sheila, Bobby, and Uni have managed to thwart Venger for so long and so often.

Venger has many allies, including a Nightmare as his mount and a Shadow Demon as his spy.

Shadow Demon serves Venger as a spy, servant. and second-in-command. Shadow Demon is infallibly loyal to Venger out of fear but also due to tremendous admiration of Venger’s evil power. This awe of Venger is supposedly what caused Shadow Demon to seek him out. At first Venger was suspicious of Shadow Demon, suspecting that the fiend was sent to spy upon him. Since then, however, Venger has come to rely on Shadow Demon and trust him implicitly.

Hank and the rest of the heroes have been looking for a way home, and Dungeon Master told them to travel to the Great Glaciers for what he believes is their most promising chance yet. After setting things right in the city of Turadh, the adventurers headed north, skirting the mountains of Darkhaven and passing through the forest of their friends, the Cloud Bears. At the base of one of the frosty paths up into the mountains of ice, Dungeon Master appears once again to deliver a cryptic message ….

“Fear not, ranger, barbarian. magician, thief, cavalier, and acrobat. I am Dungeon Master, your guide in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons. It is an exciting place of wonder and beauty-and grave danger. You are about to embark upon a grand adventure, and I am here to show you the way. To succeed in your quest, you will need to be brave, smart, and just a little bit lucky. So, keep your magic items close and your wits sharp. Good luck adventurers. We shall meet again.”

Dungeon Master

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