Draconian Dreadnoughts in the World of Krynn

The largest of the draconians are the dreadnoughts, who are born from the eggs of silver, blue, or sapphire dragons. They fly on mighty wings over the battlefield to wherever the fighting is the thickest. Their magical ability to change their appearance to mimic those they’ve slain allows them to sow confusion and despair among their enemies. When dreadnoughts are killed, their bodies burst into flames, scorching everything around them.

On the world of Krynn, draconian dreadnoughts formed from silver dragon eggs are called sivak draconians.

Draconians are bipedal monsters born from dragon eggs that have been corrupted or warped by powerful magic. Most often, this corruption is a deliberate act, the work of an aspiring tyrant seeking to transform stolen eggs into a draconian army. A single corrupted egg yields several draconians of the same kind. A draconian might be taken for a dragonborn at first glance, though most kinds of draconians have wings.

When draconians die, they do not go quietly. Instead, their lifeless bodies unleash a last act of magical violence.

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