Donkey or Mule?
Donkeys are like mules except less intelligent.

You weigh your purchase options, looking at the female half-orc who is traveling through, selling mules and donkeys. You consider a mule: they are less stubborn and more intelligent than donkeys. And you know a mule’s intelligence also means that they are more cautious and aware of danger, making them safer to ride when crossing dangerous terrain. Yet, you know the mules can startle easily and then they may act like they are stubborn, when they are actually just scared – and will do whatever to avoid danger, like run away with your gear.

Though the mule is stronger than a horse, and can carry more weight than donkeys, at least the donkeys are less intelligent to care about being startled or scared – donkeys won’t flee for its safety, leaving you behind with no equipment. So, it’s a tradeoff to ponder. Mule strength and intelligence, or a donkey who’s too dumb to be scared. Then she interrupts your thinking, “Made up your mind?”

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