Dire Trolls Are Vicious Predators

Trolls kill and eat almost anything—including, in rare cases, other trolls. This cannibalism has the effect of causing the troll to grow to an unusually large size. These dire trolls crave more and more troll flesh to fuel their continued growth.

Dire trolls also increase their size by grafting flesh and organs onto themselves. When a slab of quivering troll flesh is bound against a fresh wound on the dire troll, its regenerative capacity incorporates the new mass into its own musculature. Even more horrifying are the multiple arms, eyes, claws, and other organs that a dire troll tears from its victims and grafts onto itself. Over time, these creatures can accumulate many limbs.

Trolls that are nearly obliterated but survive and regenerate from mere scraps of flesh can display bizarre features. Radically transformed trolls like the rot trolls, spirit trolls, and venom trolls that follow are especially likely to arise when trolls regenerate in the presence of magical emanations, planar energy, disease, or death on a vast scale, or if their bodies were damaged by elemental forces. These unusual forms can also be produced and shaped by the ritual magic of evil spellcasters or by trolls’ own practices, as is the case for dire trolls.

Although trolls are rarely devout and seldom ponder spiritual questions, some fear and venerate the entity known as Vaprak the Destroyer. Vaprak’s true nature is something of a mystery, but Vaprak is always portrayed as a horrid, misshapen, greenish creature strongly resembling a troll. Vaprak is given to fits of mindless destruction and uncontrollably fears the plots and ambitions of other deities.

Vaprak’s troll worshipers believe this god devours the souls of those who have been cooked or digested (slain by fire or acid). Otherwise, the god spits the soul back into the world to regenerate a new body.

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