Deathpact Angels Orzhov Cathedrals

Deathpact angels dwell in the grandest of Orzhov cathedrals, where they surround themselves with wealth and wretched vassals that are utterly in their thrall.

Posing as a beneficent god, a deathpact angel attracts petitioners who beg the angel for blessings: wealth, prestige, health, revenge, and the like. Imagining itself generous and merciful, the angel usually tries to grant the petitioners what they seek by using its abilities, drawing from its hoard of riches, or extorting favors from other members of the guild. True to the spirit of the Orzhov, though, the angel doesn’t bestow these gifts out of kindness, but for the sake of gaining fanatical followers who owe it life debts.

Those who receive favors from a deathpact angel incur a debt that they carry with fervent devotion. They regularly bring trinkets and offerings to the angel, no longer asking or expecting anything in return, and even willingly offer up their mortal lives for their angelic patron. Even after death, these debtors continue to serve the angel and the Orzhov Syndicate as indentured spirits (described later in this chapter).

Orzhov Angels

Few angels find anything appealing in the corruption and decadence embodied by the Orzhov Syndicate, since such a society is fundamentally antithetical to their natures, but disillusionment can seduce even immortal beings. When cynicism takes root in an angel’s heart, when questions undermine devotion to the cause of justice, when strength becomes a tool to lord over the weak, the Orzhov Syndicate is there to welcome the angel with open arms, offering status, respect, and power.

Orzhov angels might claim positions as executioners, commanders, or power brokers, but more often they carve out their own place in the guild, standing apart from the otherwise rigid hierarchy of the Orzhov.

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