Clerical Aide Resurrection
Clerics are powerful, endowed by their gods to perform magic.

Fear and revered by many, the Cleric by some, the Priest by others, you heard of one such powerful person who can raise the dead – your companion, your friend. You believe this person, who is rumored to create a ward against magical travel, can create sanctuaries for teleportation, and can even summon a celestial spirit, might be able to bring your friend back from death. It’s believed that they are so powerful that they can perform True Resurrection. Of course, there will be a price to pay before or after – such a request will require something in return. It might be gold, it might be a magical item, it might be fulfilling a request, or a very difficult task. Kneeling next to their body, holding your cold friend’s hand…there isn’t any price too great, so the gods help you.

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