Circle of Wrath of the Seven-Circle Realm
ruined battlefield

A land of constant warfare and strife, the Circle of Wrath has stitched together hundreds of different battlefields, each populated by those who hate and desire the death of all they meet. The final destination for souls corrupted by their anger and viciousness, the Circle of Wrath is no place for the faint of heart, since random violence defines existence here.

Bands of insane soul forms roam the fields and forests, attacking anyone not part of their tribes and butchering the bodies, hacking them into undifferentiated hunks and leaving the mutilated remains behind.

Tyrexxus, the Black Horn, rules the circle as exarch. The fighting raging across his realm consumes his attention fully, much to the relief of his rivals, since his hatred for the other exarchs over historic slights, real and imagined, would otherwise lead him to wage war against them.

A great towering giant clad in black spiked armor, Tyrexxus spends much of his time stomping across his realm, savaging daemons and soul forms alike with sweeps of his blade and spiked chain. His roars can be heard across the circle, and, rather than inspiring fear, they inflame the hatred burning in the hearts of those condemned to this place, driving them to commit even greater acts of appalling violence.

Towering giant entering from the mountains.

Most daemons use the Circle of Wrath as a training ground before undertaking missions in the war zone. These daemons fight against each other so that only the strongest and toughest survive. The brutality with which they fight each other resembles somewhat the raw savagery of demons and might lead some to mistake these fiends for their chaotic evil kin. But instead of being controlled by their anger, they focus it with surprising effectiveness.

Batwing Demons of Wrath
Daemons of Wrath

Of all the realms of Gehenna, the Circle of Wrath stands closest to the gate leading to the Abyss. Chaotic influence bleeding from this realm contributes to the madness gripping the minds of those fighting here. Demons sometimes slip across the border to join in the fighting, which gives Tyrexxus’s daemons opportunities to test their mettle against some of the most dangerous fiends in the multiverse.

The Birth of Hell and the Abyss

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