Circle of Sloth of the Seven-Circle Realm
Demons of sloth don't move fast

Situated nearest to Hell’s gate, the daemons of the Circle of Sloth cannot be bothered to slow the advance of the infernal armies as they march forth to engage the demonic horde. Neglect has reduced the Circle of Sloth to a fester-ing quagmire of rubble, filth, and rot.

Structures that once rivaled the beauty found in the Circle of Lust have all but collapsed, and what still stands is draped with creepers, spotted with mold, and stained.

The exarch who rules the circle is known as Viasta, “the Broken Promise,” but no one has seen the daemon in nearly a thousand years. Believed old and powerful, Viasta abandoned all responsibility for his dominion long ago and now spares no thought for the blighted place or the machinations and intrigues of his rivals. Most assume he reclines in some subterranean chamber, moldering away as he awaits the end of the universe.

Heretical scholars claim he is not even a daemon but is, in fact, the most powerful being in all the multiverse, the Creator, who, having become exhausted by his work and disgusted by the shortcomings of his creations, has simply given up. Though it is within his power to fix every flaw in the world, to save those unjustly injured, to do and achieve boundless good, he cannot be bothered and instead lurks within his domain doing nothing at all.

Many inhabitants of the Circle of Sloth fell from the Heavens. Once angels, the duties and service wore at them until they gave up. Their surrender resulted in their fall into the wretched filth of the Circle of Sloth, where they lie in a fugue state, heedless of what goes on around them. Even the daemons who dwell here find it difficult to stir themselves into action, and the only enticement that can budge them is the promise of the fresh souls of the lazy and indolent when they tumble into the daemons’ grasp.

The Birth of Hell and the Abyss

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