Circle of Pride of the Seven-Circle Realm
Greedy rogues and theives

The Circle of Pride is home to Gravicarius, “the Shining Star.” Exarch of the circle, he considers himself the equal of any demon prince, Lord of Hell, or celestial god—and in some ways, perhaps he is. It is his firm belief there
is nothing he cannot do, but he is pleased by what he does now, which is to make sure that the dark ledgers of Gehenna are recorded and their purpose (whatever it might be) is fulfilled.

If it is true that Gehenna is in league with the Lords of Heaven, prolonging the war between Hell and the Abyss and recording mortals’ sins so that they might be judged, then this agreement was surely brokered by Gravicarius. Though he is not king of Gehenna, he is unquestionably its greatest citizen.

The Circle of Pride is not at first a place of obvious evil. Filled with the most perfect and beautiful daemons, the most stunning works of art and architecture, and the wisest scholars, the inner circle of Gehenna seems almost a paradise. But beneath the surface, wickedness lurks.

For every denizen of that seemingly perfect place is convinced of their own absolute authority and rectitude. Each does whatever they desire, with utmost certainty that it is the right thing to do because they wish it.

This results in murder, theft, and a constant buzzing of betrayal. None is more convinced of their own perfection than Gravicarius; the horrors he has caused by doing what he believes to be “right” chill the very blood.

The Birth of Hell and the Abyss

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