Circle of Lust of the Seven-Circle Realm
City of lust

Few places rival the horror and beauty found in In’nassi’s Circle of Lust. A wondrous realm far removed from the violence of the other realms, it features perfumed gardens, palaces in which every pleasure can be sampled, and daemons of astonishing beauty and allure, all of whom conceal the hideous truth of their being behind comely masks. The seeming paradise encompassed by the circle’s high walls masks the debauched underbelly and perils that unchecked lust present to incautious visitors.

Visitors to this place might find their every want met for a time, only to find themselves hunted amidst the sighing souls, from which they might notice secret, resentful gazes. The lust-chained, daemon and damned alike, are ever driven to seek satisfaction, but can never find it, and so envy the living, who have not yet cursed themselves by cheapening their own passions with greed, deception, and cruelty.

In’nassi of the Red Petals and the Iron Rod rules the Circle of Lust from an enormous palace rising from the top of a high hill at the center of the realm. Carved from pink porphyry that are pick rocks with crystals, reliefs decorating the exterior present the sexual organs of an untold number of creatures, punctuated with frescos and friezes depicting unlikely pairings of different creatures engaged in carnal acts. Although the carvings and statuary appear to be carved from stone, they feel warm and supple to the touch, almost as if alive.

Few people have entered the exarch’s palace and emerged with their sanity intact, but legends claim that the expression of all desires, no matter how profane or disturbing, can be found in its corridors. The sighs and screams lifting up from the structure testify to the unspeakable atrocities that take place within its confines each day and night without end.

Depictions of the exarch vary wildly, since In’nassi rarely dons the same form twice, able to freely move between kind and gender in accordance with the exarch’s whims. Generally, In’nassi assumes a striking form, possessed of both male and female organs. In any shape, a mere glimpse of the exarch inflames passions and stirs feelings of longing that demand release. In’nassi’s influence affects all creatures, and it’s thought that the exarch can even awaken passion in a corpse. In’nassi has at various times taken other exarchs as lovers, usually to manipulate them into protecting or furthering the daemon’s interests.

The Birth of Hell and the Abyss

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