Circle of Greed of the Seven-Circle Realm
Hoard of dragon treasures

Many entrances lead into the Circle of Greed, but once entered, almost none ever escape. Such is the greed of Mytaxx, “the Golden Miser,” who has constructed a vast labyrinth across the whole of his dominion. The twisting and turning passageways shift and move, while diabolical traps lie in wait to snatch and maim the unwary.

Legend holds Mytaxx was once a mortal man who bought himself rulership of a circle of Gehenna, the Circle of Greed. Whether this is true or not, it is the case that the daemons of his circle hoard all manner of wealth—gold, gems, knowledge, magic, and power.

Few have ever seen Mytaxx, for he fears that all covet the treasures he has accumulated. Mytaxx seeks to own everything there is. He would take the stars themselves, if he could, but he is kept occupied by his obsessive hoarding of that which he already holds. Paranoid, greedy, and obsessed with the wonders he has claimed so far, he always casts an eye outward, eager to snatch whatever he can to add to his impossible fortune.

The Circle of Greed has many portals to the Material Plane, and through them the daemons venture to grow their own treasures and those of their master. Mortals who delve too deeply in search of plunder might stumble into Gehenna and, once there, find themselves trapped.

Mytaxx lures mortals into his dominion with knowledge, wealth, and other assets, adding them to his treasures as he does anything else he covets.

Hoard of dragon treasures

The Birth of Hell and the Abyss

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