Circle of Gluttony of the Seven-Circle Realm
Demon with a full belly of dead souls

The great daemon Yungo, known also as the Slavering Mouths, composes the whole of the Circle of Gluttony. The daemons there feast on his flesh, and he, in turn, feasts on theirs, making himself drunk on their intoxicating blood and pus. Of all the circles, this is the one most avoided by travelers, for to enter the Circle of Gluttony, often called the Mountain of Flesh, is to risk being torn to pieces and eaten by its inhabitants—or, worse, eaten whole by Yungo.

All is flesh and filth in this place, littered with putrid leavings of meals abandoned or excreted. Souls condemned to this circle can be found perched atop the shuddering mounds of flesh, raking the excrement and other awful bits into their hands and stuffing them into their mouths, gorging themselves on the offal.

Daemons take delight in their compulsive eating, eager to fit more into their forms until they finally burst apart, their grisly remains becoming food for the hungry daemons all around them.

From a distance, one can spot Yungo’s great head pushing up from a calloused ridge of flesh that makes up his neck. Four slavering maws dribble and drip noxious fluids, while prehensile tongues reach out from the dark corridors of his mouths to guide food into his gullet. Every now and then, the whole circle shudders as Yungo voids his bowels to add to the moat of excrement marking the border to his realm.

There are rumors, none of which have ever been confirmed, that a shining empire watched over by good celestials and inhabited by golden-skinned mortals lurks deep inside Yungo’s gullet. The story claims he consumed the place long ago and forgot about it; from this supposed land, the forces of good keep tabs on the war between Hell and the Abyss, going unnoticed.

Demon with a full belly of dead souls

The Birth of Hell and the Abyss

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