Circle of Envy of the Seven-Circle Realm
This female dragon sitting on a rock is the ruler of envy

The Circle of Envy stands atop Utter Darkness, a yawning portal to the Negative Energy Plane. Emanations from the Negative Energy Plane spill out into this dark place and permeate it, shrouding everything in gloom while slowly leaching life and vitality from its inhabitants.

High towers thrust up from this dominion, their gray stones slick with the rain that perpetually falls from the sodden skies above. Slick streets wend their way between the tall buildings, each festooned with swiveling eyes that watch for any signs of intruders who might venture within the structures and make off with the treasures they contain.

Ulasta, “the Great Skull,” rules over this gloomy place. An undead dragon of staggering power and size, she over-sees the daemons in her dominion, all of whom worship her as a god, for she has what they cannot: death. Yet for all her might and majesty, Ulasta hides the envy she has for the living behind her cruel mask and plots endlessly to escape her prison of bone and sinew and become a living woman, able to feel the air fill her chest, to experience hunger, thirst, love, and want.

All her efforts have thus far been thwarted by her very nature; being undead, only a final death can free her from this form, and she fears annihilation more than she covets life.

Proximity to the void gives Ulasta the means to assemble her armies from the corpses littering the war zone and other locations in Gehenna. Stitching together the parts and pieces harvested from the bloody battlefield, her daemons create undead thralls that obey her every command. Many of the undead are the same as those found in the Material Plane, but plenty more and far worse examples are unique to the Great Skull’s dominion.

Circle Realm of Envy
This female dragon sitting on a rock is the ruler of envy

The Birth of Hell and the Abyss

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