Battle of the Gods
Campe is guarding the titans to ensure they stay in prison.

The Hundred Handed giants, known as the Hecatoncheires, who can throw rocks the size of mountains – a hundred at a time, each – are down here in Tartarus, that is between Hades and the Abyss, imprisoned by the Gods, guarded by Campe, a female monster, also known as The Nymph of Tartarus, who ensures all and those Hecatoncheires giants, described by some as having a hundred arms with fifty heads, stays imprisoned here. You can unleash them if Campe can be found. Discovering Campe whereabouts in these forsaken lands will lead you to their prison. But you should tread carefully as it’s a world of waring demons and daemons, and other creatures like nightmares, hordlings, and shadow demons. To do your part, participating in the coming war, “Battle of the Gods”, for it will decide which generation of gods would have dominion over the universe, you’ll need to find Campe first, who has the lower body of a snake, an extended scorpion tale on its back, and teeth like sharp rocks.

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