Bael Large Fiend Devil and Demons

With the Blood War between devils and demons raging for eons and no end in sight, opportunities abound for ambitious archdevils to win fame, glory, and power in the ongoing struggle. Duke Bael, one of Mammon’s most important vassals, has won fame and acclaim for his victories. Charged with leading sixty-six companies of barbed devils, Bael has proven to be a tactical genius, earning esteem for himself and his master as a result of victory after victory over the abyssal host. Mammon relies on Bael to safeguard his holdings because of Bael’s battle acumen. During a time when so many other archdevils have lost their positions, Mammon has never been ousted, which is a testament to Bael’s skill on the battlefield.

For his accomplishments, Bael has been granted the title of Bronze General. His accolades notwithstanding, he has had a difficult time navigating the quagmire of infernal politics. His critics call him naive, though never to his face. His primary interest has always been leading soldiers in battle, so he finds it frustrating to have his ambitions of ascending to a higher rank constantly stymied by politically shrewd rivals.

Bael prefers to make servants out of his adversaries, and mortals bound to his service earn their wretched place by falling victim to his superior stratagems. Bael gladly spares the lives of those he defeats—if they pledge their souls and service to him. Demons are an exception; although he is willing to corrupt almost any other foes, he always destroys demons he defeats.

Bael also welcomes mortals into his service if they can provide him with an advantage in his politicking. He recruits savvy individuals and relies on them to represent his interests at Mammon’s court, which leaves him free to pursue his battle lust.

Despite his lack of interest in affairs outside battle, or perhaps because of it, Bael has gained a small following of cultists. Those who worship at his altar call him the King of Hell, and the most deluded believe that he is the lord of all devils. In arcane circles, certain writings, such as the dreaded Book of Fire, say that Bael revealed the invisibility spell to the world, though some scholars of magic hotly refute such claims. Bael is sometimes depicted as a toad, a cat, a human, or some combination of these forms.

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