Avatar of Odin
Odin just doesn't sit on his throne but interacts with his devotees.

You’re worn, exhausted, defeated. Crouching with the pommel and hilt of your broken sword as your cane, hanging your head low, you mutter your last prayer through your blood-filled mouth, bubbling your last breath. Unexpectedly, an old man walks before you. He has a brown eyepatch, beanie like slouch hat, and a spear for a walking stick. He knows your pain, you’re near death. He states, “Courage is the desire to live, taking the form of a readiness to die.” He lays his hand on you, substituting your broken sword with his spear, Gungnir: you grip it for your life – your body calms and awakens with a soft hue of blue energizing your hand that holds the spear, Gungnir – a rare feat of healing for Odin, who will now need to rest for a week. He fades saying, “A God without soldiers would be like the nightly heavens without its stars.”

When characters are near death, there is a 1% chance (1d100) their god will come to their aid, personally. If not, there is a 5% (1d100, or 1d20) that they will send an angle, guardian, or a servant to assist the dying, who is pleading for their intervention.

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